Thursday, May 31, 2007

I was wondering......about flickr

Since my first log in, I have been trying to learn how exactly to take the best snapshots, and more in particular, how to post process these pictures in photoshop. With some ups and downs in those pictures, I can now say, and I don't think I exaggerate, I have managed to make a certain progress, seen from my first pictures until now. And I am still learning, and enjoy doing it.

My concern is more the flickr site.
As all SL photographers like to have responses on their pictures, because it encourages their work, I get the feeling that it is more depending on how the flickr site is been managed, then how good the pictures are. Of course there are exceptions, and of course there are some photographers who will always have the comments because every picture of them is just great.
I am not pretending to be one of them, but I try to make nice shots, to rework them within the time limits I struggle with, and to post them. And then get the encouragement from your colleagues is just the kick to go through with it.

Now, we all know, that the number of views, are not always the most important thing, but nevertheless it gives sometimes a good impression of the impact of the picture. (unless it is just flesh of course :-))

Well, since my first post, I have seen a certain progress, and since I became a flickr pro, I have also noticed more interests in my pictures. But as from last week, the views dropped enormously. In fact so dramatically, that it can not be, that suddenly my pictures are not that good or interesting anymore. I am the first to admit that not all the pictures can not be a success, but this.(less than 10 views?)

I was wondering who is "suffering" from the same effect, has flickr change something in the settings, does that automatically change, what is the cause of it? Could anybody give some answers.

From former blog posts, we know that the success of the pictures, mostly depends on the timing of the posts, but nevertheless, getting a view rate for every picture of more than 200-300 views, to a difficultly obtain ten views. Strange. Or isn't it? Or are we really that bad........?;))

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Calling to the moon by Looker Lumet

As the death line is coming closer, I needed to find a subject, for taking pictures and submitting in time for the New Mardes photo contest.
Talking to friends, and asking for good ideas, there was a proposal to try a RL photography in SL.
Before thinking it over, my good friend, Dante Kish and Inex Dix, was already preparing this event, when I logged back in the next day.
What was it all about?
Well, there is a well known photographer, Spencer Tunic, who succeeds to take pictures of a group naked people, somewhere, in a famous city, all over the world. The idea was trying to do the same in SL. Only, there was not much time left, as we need to have submitted our picture before the end of the month.
So, in a few days, we would need to have a spot, where we could work without being disturbed, we would need as much avatars as possible, and all this had to be organized.
First we thought about our old Doornroosje, but that was not possible, due to the limitation and restriction of having things put there, and Eaglewolf, who possible could change that, was away for the weekend, and could not be contacted.
One day later, Dante had organized a beautiful place up in the SL sky. There was no better place to do it, no interference from outside, no one would know it, except of course the avatars who excepted the invitation of joining this event, and be part of something special in SL.
Sunday evening was it suppose to take place.
I did not count them, but there were a lot, who all were volunteer to pose naked in group in front of the "camera".
I do have to thank Dante, Inex, Winter, Sammy, and all the others, who made this happen.
Although I am still doubting to submit one of these pictures for the contest, I will have to decide very soon now, as the 30th of May is not far away.;)
But as an event in SL, it was very nice to do, and a very great experience.
A very big thanks to all the avatars who participated to this exceptional event!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Not-a-meme #17 : State thy groups

A challenge by Vint Falken to all of us, bloggers.

"Why? Because the groups a person is in is what I first notice when watching their SL profiles: having ‘Free xxx club’ and such things in your group list does not help if you want to talk to me! Because I want to make a good impression too. Because I think an avie’s group memberschips tells a lot about that avie. And because I’ve decided that any group I don’t want to tell about here or that I can’t think of a good reason for as to why I’m a member of that will have to go."

So here is mine:

"Q-Music City" VIP:

Long time since I have been there, maybe considering the use of it.

Ally B's
A club where I was invited to this week, and where there is a good atmosphere. Will keep that for now.

Don't need to comment that, I suppose?

Belgisch SL forum http//
As good Belgian, this was one of the first memberships.

Club Limbo
Because a friend was DJ there.

CodeRed Lounge
Haven't been there for quite some time now, sorry Codie.

Is the one and through membership, as a lots of my Belgian friends are here.

Flickr: Second Life (Mature)
Don't know why I have to stay in this group. I am member because I post to flickr.

Friends of the Wild Orchid
A nice club, with nice people, nice music and a lot of events.

This a group who performs in SL, almost every day. They play covers.

Mardes Club
Is recently renewed and it is always good to keep contact with other compatriots.

Paradise Lost
This club was one of the first in my friendlist, and it is always fun to be there among my friends.

Phantom Club VIP
Is a nice place to be, and to relax, but honestly, don't know why I should be a member.

Is interesting to know, if we still can learn something.

Second Life Bloggers
No need to explain

Super Fun Happy Club
WAS a fine club, it is a pitty that it doesn't exist anymore, although my membership was very short.

The Wack Attack Barrack. Belgian digital label in Second Life.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Links to Second Life Interesting Places

While surfing through a lot of webblogs, I read this article (Dating and Philosophy) with links on Nathalia Zelmanov's blog.
I did not check them all by myself, but know already some of them, and think they are most recommendable.

The most common directory for SLurl links is Second Life Tree , where you are able to find some first life reading material about second life, and where you will find a lot of SLurl's, combined in different categories.

What I also found interesting, but without Slurl links though, was the blog where I discovered that some sports stadia are also to be find on the grid. Although I don't know if games are programmed, I like the way these are built in second life.
Check out the Arena, or Ajax Stadium , or the Yankee Stadium.

When you think that these links are still not sufficient to find the most interesting places in SL, and you know another site where you can find the SLurl of popular places which are worthwile to visit, feel free to drop a comment, so that all readers will be able to locate this site.

Friday, May 25, 2007

The grid is back up.......and so are the problems....(part II)

Yesterday evening, I thought to visit some beautuful sims in SL, but from the moment I was logged in, and I was the only one on the grid, believe me (look at the sign in page), there were nothing but troubles. Not direct with me, but things were loaded very slowly, and other avatars still stay grey to others, while they could see theirselves perfectly.
Every place I went was the same, slow loading, and difficult to move and do things.
It went on and on, I met a few interesting people though, but at the end, it was my turn.
Now I had my "gun" with me, and took some shots. The results are obvious.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Second Life 1.16.0(5) May 23, 2007, New release

The grid is back up.......and so are the problems....

From yesterday on, we have a new release in Second Life. The most interesting changes are explained by bluelinden.

New Features:
* Sculpted Prims
** Sculpted Prims are a new primitive type that uses a texture to control its 3D shape
** See for FAQ and detailed information
* Add “Mute” button to block unwanted notecards, landmarks, and textures

What are Sculpted Prims?

A Sculpted Prim is a prim whose shape is determined by a texture. These textures are called Sculpt Textures or Sculpt Maps. You can use sculpted prims to create more complex, organic shapes that are not currently possible with Second Life's prim system. For technical details, see Sculpted Prims Explained.

I hope sincerely that they don't mean your own face, with those new sculpted prims. Because, after the upload yesterday, the details of my face were not visible. At least not to me. I hope it was ok to others.
I was a lousy photographer last night, as I did not take any picture of my face.
But I promise, if today, I have the same problems, I make some pictures of it and will upload them to the flickr site.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Never too late (old) to learn

It sounds a bit strange, I know, but until now I had nothing to built, so I had other items where I have paid more attention to, then building in SL.
I had already adjusted some things in SL, for instance my glasses, but rezzing a box and doing something with it, that is new to me.
So I found yesterday someone who was most kindly to give my first lesson in this issue, neko babe Vint.
During my class, I had the chance to meet Veyron Supercharge, who is one of the "girls with guns", as I could witness. She demonstrated her fabulous big gun with a very dangerous disk.
It was perhaps a very short lesson, but I did learn a few things, thanks Vint.
Who knows what I will be coming up with next, but don't you worry, I will keep you informed on this blog.;)
Now I have learned how to rez a box, and how to adjust the textures on that box, what is interesting to know, and will be very handy.
Other pictures can be seen on my flickr site.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Blogger gathering

There was a blogger gathering at Zoe's place on Sunday night. It was already for the second time in a few weeks, that a party was set up especially for the bloggers of second life.
Unfortunately I was not able to attend this party, as it was in the early hours, but could already read some stories about the happening on different blogs, thanks to Zoe, Tiana,
Alex and most likely, the others will post a report too, shortly.
Most of the attendees were from overseas, I suppose, as the time was less convenient for the European bloggers, although Vint was there.
I will be there the next time, if only the meeting will be held at a more respectable hour for this side (Europe), what is already promised by Zoe. So there will be more bloggers, and they won't fall asleep.;)


They have done a great job so far, but the sim is still under construction, so, be patient, I will inform you when the next phase is finalized.
In the meanwhile you can always visit the sim, and have a look at what they, our friends, have accomplished by now, and meet new friends, or have a chat with the familiar ones.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Wing contest @ Ally B's Nightclub

While logging in I was already thinking where I could go.
Which beautifull spot could we explore, where could we take nice nature shots, or what could I write in my blog?
Once on the grid, I noticed that a lot of friends were logged in but not at the usual spots. So I figured out, they must have found a better place to be at that moment.
It was finally a friend who gave me a TP to Ally B Nightclub, where at that time there was a contest going on for the nicest wings, or something like that. So I searched through my inventory, and found a pair of beautiful wings, which I had for some time, but never had the chance to use it.
Enormous lagproblems did not make it easy to take snapshots, but I managed to take a few. Enough to have an impression of that contest.
And by the way, I did win, but have not figured out for what reason. Perhaps the biggest wings.

Friday, May 18, 2007

And the story continues....Once upon a time

It was expected, it was predicted, and they have not let us down.
The builders at Doornroosje all have made special efforts to make this place into a dreamworld for all the members.
They have build a little harbor behind the corner of the castle,
where you can have a look at, sitting on the terrace of a little bar, in front of it.
But, if you want to dance, there is a huge dancefloor, with a special place for a guest DJ.
And if that is not enough, they have build a big stage, where there will be concerts of interesting groups in SL, I assume.
For the more romantic souls among us there is a very quiet, romantic spot, under the rocks, behind the waterfall.
With the pictures, that comes with this story, you will have a preview of what you can find on this small island, but you will have to visit it, to live it.
And you can take my words for it, this is still not the end. More is to come, more is to write, more is to live.
So this story be continued.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Strip Search Contest @ Paradise Lost

Yesterday evening, after a quiet chat and exploring moments on sl, I received an urgent request from Vint Falken "to get my ass over at Paradise Lost", as there was a contest going on , and I had to vote for here.
I did not know what for a contest she was talking about, did she make another egg, or something....?
Arriving at the Paradise Lost, everything was becoming clearer, as I saw it was a strip search contest, and Vint was dancing again at the pole. That must have been ages ago for her.
Nevertheless, I had a great night dancing and stripping with some friends, and discovered only this evening that Vint has won. Congratulations Vint!
And thank you Andromega and Pieter for the "Chippendales" moments.:)

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Finally the answer: Why girls prefer girls in SL.

I was reading a blog from another fellow blogger, Loki Popinjay , about "Women in SL"
and was astonished to see what had happened with a girlfriend of his.
Of course this could happen to anyone on the grid, and I am curious to find out what the results will be, after a while, on the voting on
Not only this story attracted my attention, but also the fact and question why so many women in SL seem to start relationships with other women. And wondering this I came to another interesting article, from a female blogger,Tiana Meriman , who explained everything on her blog "Why girls prefer girls in second life".
Now, the reason why she is persuaded why girls choose a girl in sl are :" the 2 most common was the lack of quality man and better slex with a girl and those are my 2 main reasons for choosing a girl over a guy as a partner."
Also interesting was the imaginary chat she would have with a male avatar, and the one she usually has with one guy on the grid.
Reading that, it comes also through my mind that a girlfriend of mine was telling about the number of guys going through IM, the moment she arrives at a place, asking this and that and wanting to know everything about her.
So the only thing that I can conclude from these stories bundled, is that it is very interesting to go through a lot of blogs, and read what others think of SL, with all the avatars and the relations between them.
I am beginning to learn a bit more of how most of the females are thinking on SL about the males, and vice versa.
I am also convinced that we guys have to be very carefull with every pretty lady, as she could be a guy in disguise.
Some of these men (woman) are probably pretending because they would have more succes in what they are doing on sl, then as they would be a guy. Because, let's be honest, it is easier to get some clothes or things, and even the attention of others, being a woman as being a man.
And who can blame them for that?
Ofcourse when it comes to relationships.......where feelings are involved, that is something totally different.

A night in Bruges.

It was already late when I logged in to SL. Once I was on the grid I started to read all notes coming from my memberships, which I have to decrease, because people are talking to me, while I am reading all those messages, and I can't respond in time, so they think I crashed already. You know what I am talking about?
Nevertheless, between those messages, there was one request for tp from my friend Bella March, to ask if I would like to join her in Bruges, one of the most prettiest cities in Belgium. But once arrived at this place, it was not at all the city where I was thinking off. The people even did not talk Dutch. But Bella was there, thus everything was fine.
It was a club with, from time to time nice music, and a cool ambiance.
But actually, I did not had the time to enjoy much of the music, while chatting with Bella, who gave soma extra tips for my new blog. Thanks Bella!
Look at the pictures and you will notice that "The Bushy Beard" is a cool place to be.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Drivin' in my car

I was looking for some driving experiences on sl, as I found the sim of Mercedes, where you can have a test drive with a new C-Class. While waiting for my car, a German Mercedes salesman came by, and we had a little chat, as I too, have some experiences in selling Mercedes cars in the past.
What we did not expect to encounter here, were some Italian mobsters who were playing on the test track of Mercedes. So, after having said to play somewhere else, (they did not listen to me of course), I jumped in my car, that had arrived in the meanwhile, and took off.
Easy driving is another thing, but happily there were no other cars on the track. As I was trying to take a turn on the track, suddenly a man, with a very big gun, came to the car and obeyed to step out off it : "FBI" he shouted, "Get out of the car!", pointing his gun towards me.
I was thinking the same thing as before (*piss off*), and tried to get away, but did not succeed.
The car must have been bulletproof, as a rain of bullets were firing from his gun.
Unfortunately he did not ran out of munition, and kept firing, untill I was found on the bottom of the ocean somewhere, and could not move or tp myself to another place.
The only solution was to log out and log in again, and hoping I did not encounter those guys once more.
I can only say, that was some driving experiences at mercedes!

PS. Sorry Bella, it seems that we had the same idea of activity.

Grensgeval @ the New Mardes Club

Yesterday evening, there was a concert of the Belgian group "Grensgeval" at the new Mardes Club.
As they are becoming, or already are, one of the most acting group in second life, I thought it must be worthwile to see and be persuaded of their talents.
As I could see that Freggeltje Food, their manager, was singing every song word by word, one could think that they didn't know the words, but that was just for the show, I can imagine.:))

Friday, May 11, 2007

W00t! Boy Bloggers on the block... euhm... grid!

Vint falken wrote yesterday on her blog:W00t! Boy Bloggers on the block ... euhm... grid!
"I have good hopes that ‘the new guys’ will be blogging about things we girls actually care for like (clothing) design, cute Neko’s, animations and poses, building good looking stuff (which doesn’t necessarily needs to be jewelry or guns), guns, scripting (it may be about scripting other things then guns), exciting new Sims filled with adrenaline kicks, the escort business, community happenings and welfare, gigs, SLFlickr, … . Shortly put: everything that our Second Lives revolve around."

We now at least know what is expected from this blog. :)
We will keep that in mind, and try to post interesting material for all readers, male as well as female.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Once upon a time .....

For some of the Belgian visitors of Doornroosje, this is nothing new, but it might be interesting for all the others, as this place is not intend to be only for Belgian visitors, but for all residents of SL.

As from last week, the SLURL has changed, as the sim has moved to a place with more prims.

Here, Eaglewolf Kubrick, and his friends started building a new Doornroosje, where there will be more fun, more things to do, more friendship.

It all started some months ago. There was a place called the Humo Park, where every evening a couple of friends met together, and talked about their experiences on the grid.

Everyone was always ready to help someone else out. And so a relationship between those good friends was started. Once and a while, some new visitors came along, but it was always the same group, and same people who came together and found each other to chat with, and getting to know each other.

One day, I don’t remember the exact date anymore, I , and many others, received an invitation from Eaglewolf , to visit the new place, called Doornroosje.

Eaglewolf Kubrick, Dante Kish, Julio Gaudio, Koeke Stine and Inex Dix were the founders of this place, and that is where it all began……

Doornroosje (Sleeping Beauty) will still have her castle, and will still sleep quietly in her bed, waiting for the right prince to come, but we are all anxious waiting to see what Eagle is intending to do with this new place, as the best has yet to come, I think.

To be continued…..

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Belgium Bikini

After Inex of Doornroosje having won the prize at the new Mardes on Monday evening, I thought it was time to put the "Belgium" Bikini in the spotlight, where it belongs. Right under the Atomium.

My friend Jazzie was so kind to show it

Thanks for the template of Vint Falken, this was a bikini I designed for Belgium.


Looker Lumet is an amateur photographer, who will try to inform through this blog, about his experiences on the grid with pictures of avatars, views, buildings etc....
Feel free to make any comment on this blog, or make any suggestion.