Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Blogger gathering

There was a blogger gathering at Zoe's place on Sunday night. It was already for the second time in a few weeks, that a party was set up especially for the bloggers of second life.
Unfortunately I was not able to attend this party, as it was in the early hours, but could already read some stories about the happening on different blogs, thanks to Zoe, Tiana,
Alex and most likely, the others will post a report too, shortly.
Most of the attendees were from overseas, I suppose, as the time was less convenient for the European bloggers, although Vint was there.
I will be there the next time, if only the meeting will be held at a more respectable hour for this side (Europe), what is already promised by Zoe. So there will be more bloggers, and they won't fall asleep.;)


vint said...

There was a spanish blogger too, if I remember correctly. I was half a sleep though. And read the wrap up at mygdala.com by Alex, it's the best one, imho. ;)

Looker Lumet said...

If I have read it correct, it was too late for Pablo Guero, he could not keep his eyes open till that time.
And yes, the wrap up by Alex is very nice, although, when you read all the comments on the other blogs too, it gives you a real idea of what was going on over there.
I think we will be confronted with serious lagproblems, the next time....

Alex Burgess said...

Yes, it does need to be earlier; we don't have any Japanese or A-NZ bloggers (yet) in the group and those of us in the US don't mind partying earlier. We can have a barbecue, or something. I'll take my laptop outside and stick it in a cardboard box. (Ask Vint.)

vint said...

Héhé. Don't ask, will you. But it's effective. :D