Sunday, May 27, 2007

Not-a-meme #17 : State thy groups

A challenge by Vint Falken to all of us, bloggers.

"Why? Because the groups a person is in is what I first notice when watching their SL profiles: having ‘Free xxx club’ and such things in your group list does not help if you want to talk to me! Because I want to make a good impression too. Because I think an avie’s group memberschips tells a lot about that avie. And because I’ve decided that any group I don’t want to tell about here or that I can’t think of a good reason for as to why I’m a member of that will have to go."

So here is mine:

"Q-Music City" VIP:

Long time since I have been there, maybe considering the use of it.

Ally B's
A club where I was invited to this week, and where there is a good atmosphere. Will keep that for now.

Don't need to comment that, I suppose?

Belgisch SL forum http//
As good Belgian, this was one of the first memberships.

Club Limbo
Because a friend was DJ there.

CodeRed Lounge
Haven't been there for quite some time now, sorry Codie.

Is the one and through membership, as a lots of my Belgian friends are here.

Flickr: Second Life (Mature)
Don't know why I have to stay in this group. I am member because I post to flickr.

Friends of the Wild Orchid
A nice club, with nice people, nice music and a lot of events.

This a group who performs in SL, almost every day. They play covers.

Mardes Club
Is recently renewed and it is always good to keep contact with other compatriots.

Paradise Lost
This club was one of the first in my friendlist, and it is always fun to be there among my friends.

Phantom Club VIP
Is a nice place to be, and to relax, but honestly, don't know why I should be a member.

Is interesting to know, if we still can learn something.

Second Life Bloggers
No need to explain

Super Fun Happy Club
WAS a fine club, it is a pitty that it doesn't exist anymore, although my membership was very short.

The Wack Attack Barrack. Belgian digital label in Second Life.


vint said...

As good Belgian, this was one of the first memberships. => :oopz: :D

Photoshopaholics: Sounds interesting. Would I like it?

Looker Lumet said...

I don't think you could learn anything more on this subject, Vint, but I do.;)

vint said...

Need a list of what I want to be able to do but can't? :D

Looker Lumet said...

That would probably be a help,Vint, if there is anything left. ;)