Thursday, May 24, 2007

Second Life 1.16.0(5) May 23, 2007, New release

The grid is back up.......and so are the problems....

From yesterday on, we have a new release in Second Life. The most interesting changes are explained by bluelinden.

New Features:
* Sculpted Prims
** Sculpted Prims are a new primitive type that uses a texture to control its 3D shape
** See for FAQ and detailed information
* Add “Mute” button to block unwanted notecards, landmarks, and textures

What are Sculpted Prims?

A Sculpted Prim is a prim whose shape is determined by a texture. These textures are called Sculpt Textures or Sculpt Maps. You can use sculpted prims to create more complex, organic shapes that are not currently possible with Second Life's prim system. For technical details, see Sculpted Prims Explained.

I hope sincerely that they don't mean your own face, with those new sculpted prims. Because, after the upload yesterday, the details of my face were not visible. At least not to me. I hope it was ok to others.
I was a lousy photographer last night, as I did not take any picture of my face.
But I promise, if today, I have the same problems, I make some pictures of it and will upload them to the flickr site.


Alex Burgess said...

Wow, that is a problem. I hope it doesn't keep happening. But, if it does, I'm looking forward to seeing the pics. *grin

Looker Lumet said...

Yes Alex, me too.;))
I am anxious waiting to see if it happens again.
But I am struggling for a while now with poseballs.
So maybe I should delete SL from my PC, and reinstall it, and hoping that all problems are history.

vint said...

Did it say 'texuture missing' or was your face just all blurry? And did you try to 'rebake'? (somewhere in the client menu under charactar, I believe)