Thursday, June 14, 2007


Yesterday, my good old friends of Doornroosje, Dante Kish and Inex Dix, opened their brand new furniture store at the Belgian Sim (yes, same as the Atomium, New Mardes Club …..)

The least I can say is, that it is worthwhile to pay the store a visit if you are in need of new modern designed furniture. Even when you don’t need them, it might be interested, because Dante made all these chairs, tables and other products with the greatest attention and skills.

I have to admit, if you have a house on Second Life, and you need to decorate it, and are still looking for a kitchen, bedroom etc., there is probably no better place.

As they just have opened the store, and still are busy with designing and building other articles, I would advice to visit the place, but keep in mind to visit it again at a later time also, as design furniture is rare to find in SL, and there will be coming new articles all the time. Some of these articles are even a copy of RL stuff.

I did not had the time to put the SLurl into this post, as this was not written behind my usual PC, where I had stored this address, so please forgive me, I will post it at a later time, but use in the meanwhile your SL GPS, type Belgium, Belgiƫ, Belgique into the Search bar, when it works, and use your skills to find the location at the sim.;)


Alex Burgess said...

Very nice--I like that corner sectional sofa. Can I have that for RL? ;-)

Bella March said...

Looker, I need some help installing poseballs on my black leather sofa on the SL04 celebration area. I can't get it working. Could you, pleeeeasssse, help me out ?

Looker Lumet said...

Yes, maybe I can Bella, I am experienced when it comes to poseballs, only in the wrong sense...;)