Tuesday, June 12, 2007

What to do when you don't have Sci-Fi clothing?

The last few days were a little bit boring on Sl for me.(yes it can be boring too, especially when we are talking about shopping) ;)

As I will have no time this week, for having a nice outfit at the blogger gathering next Saturday, I had to look for clothes and stuff real soon. It became even a bit stressed, as we had again the usual lag situations in Second Life. At the time I logged in for the first time , back in January, there were about 25.000 avatars on line every evening. Now a days, you will find more than 40.000 on line. No wonder we have some lag issues at some sims, not to mention the “pose ball issue” that I have experienced so far.;)

The first day that I was looking for some Sci-Fi stuff, I ended at a Star Trek store. Outside there was a nice USS Enterprise, but beside from that I did not find anything that could help me.

Going through the search bar, was not a real help either, as most of the time it did not work.

Next stop was another store, where, according the information, you would be able to find some clothing and weapons. I do not remember the name of the place, but I did not find anything useful.
From there I moved on to a store, where I suddenly “overheard” two avatars in their conversation, talking about another one; they mentioned a name, that was quiet familiar to me, so I went towards them and simply asked if they were talking about a friend of mine, who I did not see for some time now, because of the different time zone we are living in. She lives in New Zealand.

Can you imagine what a coincidence it is, to meet people inworld at a certain location in Second Life, who knows a friend of yours, among 40.000 others?

They were indeed good friends of that person, so we had a little chat, and there went the time that I was suppose to spend on finding Science Fiction stuff.

Okay, so I had to find the stuff another day….I thought.

But as usual, as soon as we were on the grid, all the notes came in, that we had to read, and delete, or accept. And then the IM’s from friends, the tp’s, and of course the daily SL problems. (beware of tomorrow’s release!)

Fortunately I stopped that day in the Belgium sim, where I met Pieter again. He was so kind to help me on the issue. And while trying things out, we had in fact a lot of fun.

So finally, I found something to wear, but have to admit, the next time, I take a girlfriend with me shopping, they buy a lot easier.

The next days, will be very quiet on this blog, as I am abroad for a couple of days, and will not have enough time to post pictures or stories.

But after Saturday, you can be sure of it, you will find a full report with pictures on the blogger gathering.

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