Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Release notes Second Life 1.18.0(5)+0(6) - New update especially for the Germans

Release Notes for Second Life 1.18.0(5)+0(6) July 11, 2007
* Message system changes to support transport via TCP (HTTP) as well as UDP.
** More details are available here:
** And here:
* German language added to the Windows installer
* Updated translations for German language viewer
* Updated translations for Japanese language viewer
* Updated translations for Korean language viewer
* Viewer "channel" (Release, First Look, etc) now visible at login in the lower right corner next to the version number

Bug fixes:
* Fixed SVC-286: deleted fully-permissive objects owned by others skip trash
* Fixed SVC-251: Death teleport fails when teleporting to a home point you no longer have access to
* Fixed MISC-273: Enrollment fee is incorrectly deducted if you belong to max. # of groups and try to join new ones

I wonder when the Dutch language will be introduced!;)

Immediately followed by 1.18.06 (but still no Dutch language.) :(

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