Friday, August 24, 2007

Changing places

Well, this month there were quiet some changes for me in my second life. There was the moving from my little house to the bigger one, some personal stuff, where I will not talk about for now, and now I have my own piece of land. Finally.
It has taken some days to decide, and asked some friends for advice, but now it is so far. I bought it.
It is a little island of 2300 sq/m on the Strawberry estate of Coolz0r Courier, a view on the ocean, surrounded by water, sculpture artist as a neighbour, nice friends on the same island group, low lag. What more do you need?
A few months ago there was a proposal from Tiana Meriman, for a blogpile land, but unfortunately, we had not enough interested people, so I had to look out for something else.
For more than 6 months now I have been flying around without having my own place, without having the feeling to have a home, with exception of the last month where I have been renting a house.
The house that I rent now is very modern and nice, but I face a new decision now. What house should I put on that land? Should I buy the same house that I have now? Should I ask some friends to build one for me? Should I try to build one on my own? I can even make my own exposition gallery.
Perhaps you can give me some ideas.