Thursday, August 16, 2007

Did you know....

...that you can be held accountable, along with all the other members of a particular group, for any debts the group may run up.
For example, when the group owns land, and wanted to be listed in "Places", the costs will not be accounted to the owner, but to all members of the group, and there will be, and is, no warning that you may be accountable for such costs when you join the group.
So, next time someone offers you a membership to a group, remember to read the fine print first.;)
(from The hidden danger of Groups)

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Wolf Hartnell said...

This actually depends on what roles you are given within the group. Some groups are not properly managed and the members are charged a part of any listing fees, but then those same members get a share of any money that is paid to the group too :)