Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Griefer attack all over Second Life!!!!!

Yesterday evening there was a severe griefer attack at several places in second life. Even Linden Village did not escape.
I was at the time trying to reach my friend Eaglewolf's island, when the griefing began. I couldn't move and write, and was asked by a note of 'Senojrraf Farrjones', whose account is already been deleted, if he could animate my avatar. I logged out, and tried again, and then I saw a friend of mine, who was asking through the same note if they can animate my avatar.
The first time I did not realize what it was. But after a while I received a help from Eagle. He was completely captured, could not move, and even his shirt was taken off!! He was afraid of being completely robbed, but this did not happen, happily.
I was looking for help at the Linden's, but they were of course busy with something else at that time. I even find someone who could help me, but did not want to, because she did not know me!?
Now I read in the Second Life News Paper that even the Linden village did not escape from the same attack.
Perhaps now they will realize that we were not joking, as many of our friends did.
This was again a very strange experience. So now we know that even in second life, we are not safe for all kinds of attack. Beware......

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