Thursday, September 27, 2007

Real World Store features cutting edge virtual art.

Press release

Evanston, IL – 09/26/2007

Virtual world images by the artists of are soon going to be emerging in the “real world” environment of One Of A Kind, an exclusive fashion retailer on the north side of Chicago (944 W Irving Park). is a company that is bridging the gap from virtual worlds such as Second Life ( into the homes and offices of tech-savvy art fans around the world. Taking the “virtual photography” of in-world artists and designers, produces ultra-high definition prints of the in-world images as framed works of art.

Second Life is an on-line environment that has nearly ten million members and boasts an in-world economy currently in excess of a million US dollars a day. According to forecasts by Gartner Research, within the next four years, fully “80% of active Internet users (and Fortune 500 enterprises)” will have presences in a “virtual world”. has created in-world galleries for a growing slate of virtual world artists, and offers high-definition hard-copy prints of these works, available in various sizes. A notable selection of this art will be featured at One Of A Kind. However, these real-world print services are not limited to the featured artists, as soon any “resident” of Second Life will be able to have their own “snapshots” of in-world scenes made into gallery-quality prints as well.

The full array of talented Avatrait artists’ work can be viewed both on the web at the company’s site,, as well as in Second Life at their in-world gallery: “Avatrait Gallery, Simuality (36, 210, 36)”

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