Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Rock band OASIS in Second Life

"UK rock band Oasis is opening its official online space in the virtual world Second Life (SL) , September 24, and is kicking off with a preview of its latest release, a feature-length-plus, limited edition double DVD entitled ‘Lord Don’t Slow Me Down’."
"From Monday, visitors can watch the DVD’s trailer as they browse around the space, pick up free goodies such as a virtual t-shirt and coffee table book, have a look at stills from the production and pre-order the double DVD itself for real world delivery by Amazon. The real world release of ‘Lord Don’t Slow Me Down’ is scheduled for October 29, 2007 by Big Brother Recordings in the UK and Big Brother Recordings/Universal internationally."
"Alan Haymes (SL avatar: Doctor Hickman) of NBH explains: “The Oasis space mirrors everything you’d expect in the real world, but with the added advantage that it’s accessible to visitors from all over Second Life at the touch of a simple teleport button.”
Emma Fulford of Universal Music adds: “Oasis fans can be found in all corners of the ‘real’ world and we wanted to make sure that their Second Life counterparts also enjoy what promises to be one of the decade’s greatest rock documentaries and live concerts.”

The Oasis SL store can be found at SLURL Blue Horizon/81/153/26.

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nicholi mauriac said...

"The Oasis space mirrors everything you'd expect in the real world..."

It was empty when I went there. Just as I would expect in the real world.