Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Where are the days....?

I have been posting an article about this a long time ago, but yet, it is strange, to see how few views I get on my flickr stream these days.
Even though I have over 16.000 views in total, what I think is pretty neat, the last month, I have to determine that only a couple of people are interested in my pictures lately.
I know there is a lot of competition out there, but I don’t think my pictures are that bad, for having only 0 to 20 views, where I have pictures of second life, which are not even that good, which have nearly 3000 views, not to speak about the favorites. Some of my colleagues would say that the favorites are more important than the number of views, which is correct, but if you have not any views, it will be difficult to be marked as favorite.;))
It will not keep me away from a good night sleep though, as long as I enjoy taking snapshots, and posting them, and make other people happy with it. Which I know I do, so…..
But still, I was wondering what would be the cause of it. The time I wrote the other article, was in the middle of June, where a lot of students were studying, which could be an explanation. But in the meanwhile the views were up again, with every picture more than 200 views at least, without a problem.
Now I only post for some people, who I know are interested, for my customers, for my models….
This blog article is just a way to express myself, how I feel about this, but is not a complain or what so ever.
I only hope that the views will raise again like in the good old days, because, and I can not deny it, gives me some kind of satisfaction.


Bella March said...

We all come into SL in waves. Our friends tend to come from the same wave we started in. Unfortunately the wave tends to get extinct because of the large majority of secondlifers stopping after a certain while. At the end we are alone with only a few die hard friends still reading our blogs or watching our blogs. I noticed the drop in intrest, but I thought it had something to do with my behaviour online (I was a bit provocative with my technical posts about our new computer), but it may simply be a general disintrest from the community in general. Are we all getting bored ? Don't know. I'm waiting for the water effects in the new Windlight viewer. All the rest is done it, been there, had it. I hope I'm wrong ...

Looker Lumet said...

This is not about our blog, Bella, it is about our pictures. But that will also come in waves I guess.
And we are not alone, waiting for the new Windlight viewer release. You have to be real patient these days days, isn't it?
I certainly also hope that the setting in flickr will change again, and see that the views for my pictures will raise again.
I would be interested to know, how a person looks at the flickr stream in general. Does he/she search through some tags, or does she/he goes through all latest pictures, or does he/she look only for their favorite artist.
I know that we, flickr members, look at this in another way.

Timothy Lilliehook said...

(OK, I'm way behind on reading blogs, so I'm a bit late on this ...)

I'm actually glad to hear that I'm not the only one who experienced these problems. When I started posting SL pics on Flickr, it was pretty easy to get at least 100 views, but nowadays I'm already happy if I manage to get to 20 or 30 views on new pics. I think there are a couple of reasons for this:

- the constantly growing SL group on Flickr, which means more competition
- the more SL folks post on Flickr, the more pictures you have to look at, which makes catching up with your friends a tough job some times (e.g. I still have about 800 pics to look at on the Flickr RSS feeds I'm subscribed to ...)
- the "new" filter options of Flickr will often exclude pics marked as Screenshot/CGI, so that less people will find your pics in search

I guess there's not much we can do about it ...

Looker Lumet said...

Well, thank you anyhow for responding ,Tim. I have been posting lately also to Koinup, but although I receive more comments on the pics there, the views are practically the same as on flickr.
But I am glad to hear from you that your pictures have almost the same quantity of views on flickr. You are probably right with the explanations you gave...we need to be patient. All our SL live is based on being patient, so what....;))