Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Controlling RL devices in Second Life

Daden Limited is a virtual worlds agency working in Second Life and other virtual worlds. Their aim is to help people engage with their audience using some of the most interesting technologies around today. They already developed the aircraft tracking system in SL, and now they are working on a system in Second Life that can control your RL devices.
"This is a work in progress. We’re using libsecondlife to detect activity in SL and then drive a USB break-out-box, so that we can control (and read from) RL devices. Here we just see a switch in SL controlling one of the LEDs on the USB interface."

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Sand Posthorn said...

Holly Kitten ! Hope this means one of these days I'll be able to stay home enjoying Second Life and making my co-workers doing all the job by electro-shoking them !!! hehehehehe