Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Born as a female avatar in Second Life

Several months ago I read an article about a female avatar coming into Second Life. I saved that article, because I thought it was written in a funny way, a nice perspective on how and what a female avatar can experience when first coming to the grid. And now, I was cleaning up my files a bit, and stumbled on this article. I translated it, and think it is interesting to share.
It is about a Dutch girl, originally written by a Dutch girl, who is coming on the grid, not knowing what to do, and how to do things at first.

"In Second life you are born as a type of dummy, with insipid confection clothing and hair as the average mother in law has. You can shape your avatar, legs longer/shorter, look larger/smaller, buttocks more thickly/thinner, etc., but nevertheless you remain a grey mouse, a type of factory implementation of yourself.

Therefore I teleported myself to a small shopping street, and I treat myself on an entirely new look. I redeem a splendid slightly tainted skin, a sumptuous coupe, radiating blue eyes and cool “hud”, a complete attitude type with among other things a sexy walk. Furthermore I purchased the basic clothing. A couple of nail trousers, a couple of shirts, an elegant skirt, a couple of high heals and a bikini.

To dress yourself is easier said than done. If I click with my right mouse button on “wear” on my jeans, I have suddenly a box on my head. Hmm. I look around if nobody sees me, where the box swerves tremendously in the space, nearly hitting the face of an other avatar, called Jesee. It seems, you need to unpack the new trousers, before wearing them. Jesee was already longer in Second life, and explained to me patiently how to get these things on.

But following his indications, I found myself suddenly totally naked. I was feeling uncomfortably. My hands became slowly clammy whereas I covered myself clicking my mouse button. Rapidly trousers. O wait, first underwear of course. Not that there is much to be seen, because I still looked as a dummy. But nevertheless. I felt myself like a teenager, uncomfortably, and most of all, completely nude.

After some awkward trials, I am dressed. You always have to pay for something, also in Second life, it proves to be. Jesee finds that I have, however, a nice ass, and believe that he has deserved a thank you. Resolutely he steps to a blue ball a bit further. “Now you must click with your right mouse button on that pink ball”, he said. For I could realize what was happening, he was standing with his trousers on his knees and I gave, as a professional prostitute a blowjob. “Pardon?!” I said. (talking with your mouth full is no problem in Second life). “Mmmm” Jesee answered. “Beat it!” I thought, and I teleported myself to Amsterdam.

AIk country on Amsterdam CS.

Still a little bit confused, that I was just standing there.

I am a new born, felt myself as a teenager already after half an hour, but your life experience will not go that fast here.

How to make friends here? It is quiet busy, strange birds fly by, beautiful women waggled along and tough men walked by. Hands were moving very quick on an imaginary keyboard. Some are standing with bowed head and their poor slack along their body. “Away “it said in the balloon above their head. Is it ok here to address yourself to someone? Or is that not properly? Very rapidly this problem would solve itself.

Baston landed on my head. “Oops, sorry”, he excused himself.

Baston has a mysterious appearance, brown hair with white locks of hair, a tainted skin, detonation-blue eyes and super-sharp jaw line. Baston is an elder in Second Life-terms, he has been around here for already two years and knows the most beautiful places. His favorite place is between the moon and the stars, and in a wink we fly to it.

From a large flat platform we had a nice view on the universe. Underneath we could see clearly a light ball with spots on it : Mother Earth. It was turning slowly around. O yes, it is true, real life also continues.

Back in Real life, I cycled along the streets in Amsterdam to the central station.

It is quiet busy on the square, strange birds fly by, beautiful women waggled along and tough men walked by. I can see in my mind, avatars landing on other men’s head.. In fact I would not be surprised when someone should suddenly start typing in the air. I see blue and pink balls in the corner, where you can kiss secretly. Look! There is someone running with a box on his head! Certainly a newbie. And I see myself, Julie, my arms slacked down, and a small text balloon above my head:” Away”"


Sand Posthorn said...

Woot ! Absolutely delicious !!! I was stuck myself during my first week in-world, in this huge shopping mall, not knowing how to get out, hehehe

On the other hand, I really do look around in Rl and notice strange textures on facades of the houses, I find people with noob hair or face (hehehe)... and even find the most amusing camping spots down in my own RL street !!

Yeahhh... we get in with our RL eyes and everything seems strange. Then we get out with our new SL eyes... and the real world becomes a whole new place !!!

Joonie Jatho said...

Looker, thanks for sharing this. I loved it. Brings back all those memoriees, especially the first time I rezzed a box on my head. Actually, that just happened again the other night! hmmmm?? LOL


Looker Lumet said...

Sand and Joonie, this is a post about a female avatar, but you can also say that we, male avatars, have just the same experiences, altough we will not be "stalked" immediately by a female avatar. Lucky us...;)) (or not?)

Yamin said...

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



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