Friday, October 19, 2007

VAT in Second Life, is America next?

Reading this article on Second Life Insider, I could not help myself, to post it on this blog.
There has been a lot of posts about the VAT for Europeans. Yet, it calmed down a bit, but now there is a rumour that the Americans will have to pay taxes as well. Or at least, they are wondering.
There is a person in world, Tax Anderton, who is part of the Chartered Institute of Taxation. He's available to residents who want to ask questions about taxes related to their in-world businesses.
Is that the person who would know?
According to the reporter it is all inevitable. So, at least they are expecting it. That is more than we, Europeans, could say, we were not warned.;))
But I refuse to make jokes about it. I think it is up to Linden lab to spread the news, and I am sure they will, after their experiences with the VAT in Europe.

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