Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Hacker(s) Attacks Banks in Second Life

Several banks are hit by a hacker. Money was taken from their accounts, but L&L Bank was the biggest victim. 3,2 million L$ was stolen through the ATM's. Read the full article here.
So, despite if any bank in SL is trustworthy, we now have to deal with criminal avatars, who can make a bank go bankrupt.
I immediately went to the site of the Whitfield Holdings, to see if they were hacked too. I found a note to all customers from Christopher Whitfield, explaining what has happened. I also learned the countermeasures he took, to prevent further misfortune.
They were hit for an amount of 1,055,000 L$, which was covered by Belinda Linden, after reporting this indictable offence.
The avatar who hacked the system was Betatester Allen.
But, despite all efforts, the bank was hit a second time the very same day. This time the hacker's name was Hamid Alter, and stole 160,000 L$.
Again, Linden Lab was notified of the abuse, and they are also investigating this black Monday for banks in Second Life.
Countermeasures were taken, such as all accounts with 10L$ or less on the account are blocked, no automatically sign-up in the future, profiles will be checked......

To be honest, I would think that these actions should have been thought about long ago, before this could happen. As when you start a bank.....but it is easy for me, to be critical after the facts.
All Second Life banks will investigate, what is to be done, to prevent this from happening again in the future.


Sand Posthorn said...

/me goes checking her money holes by the beach... mmm, nops, no hacker attack in here, hehehehe

Veronique said...

"I would think that these actions should have been thought about long ago, before this could happen. As when you start a bank....."

Exactly.. that is :IF you start a BANK..

but even then.. if you are really serious, and really are playing bank in SL.. how can you set up a security system comparable to the ones RL banks use, and do cost them millions..??
Because you need a system like that, there is real money involved anyway.. maybe not for the individual clients.. but the 1000000L$ mentioned here do represent some 4000+ real US$.. a nice bait for many hackers..

Well, I better shut my mouth now about this topic.. I guess I did my duty..

just take a look here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ponzi_scheme and dont forget to read the "other notable schemes" chapter..

Looker Lumet said...

yes, sand, you are safe, I suppose.;))
Veronique, I assume you work in the financial sector ;), but nevertheless, you are absolutely right, even though I think you compare the SL banks a little bit too much with the RL banks. But the articles in the Wikipedia make your point.
And a warned person is.......

Minna said...

Good words.