Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Secret Second Life

Once and a while there are good initiatives in the blogosphere.
And for this article I found a blog (rather a forum), where all residents can react anonymous with their secret stories. I did not read all of them of course, but was surprised to see how many people have secret desires, which become true in Second Life.
As many of us have already written before, feelings are real in Second Life, and not all of us can handle those feelings that well.
It is sometimes hilarious to read these messages, but on the other hand, also very frightened to see how a virtual world can mess up with your Rl.
It is a Dutch site, but I have tried to translate some of these articles.

SL Problem

I have also such a problem, started as a man, but soon found out my interests in being a shemale. Is this an unsuspecting side of me? No, I am already wrestling for a longer period of time with bisexual feelings, although I am married in RL. I met two Italians to whom I am a little bit attracted to, and they to me, and now I am in the middle of two lovers; I force myself not to log in on SL, because it already takes all my free time, and I am also tended to play at night, while I am supposed to go to work the very next day. SL can be terribly addictive and time-consuming. keep that in mind! And thereby, also....very compromising...

Where are you?

Hello, in RL I am a bachelor, and I am planning to keep it that way for "the time being", as I like it. In SL however, I miss the woman who gives me a hard time if I don't clean up the house, don't give her some kind of attention etc... Who wants to give me a hard time in SL, by means of IM's, and to quarrel with me once and a while?

Being in Love

I have a crush on him. A normal conversation is not possible. It will always go stiff. ;) from both sides ;) We can no longer focus and he continues with his ordinary life. Sometimes he makes those charming observations, but I don’t know how to react. I do panic with him! only with him! I can not imagine saying it to him. The problem is that I am falling, more and more, in love with him. Help! How can I get rid of these feelings?

Real feelings in Second Life

It all started a couple months ago. I was new and wanted to look as nice as possible, as soon as possible, but after a couple of hours, I had only another color of eyes and glittering earrings. I was tired of messing around, and had now to visit some nice places in SL. Whereas I stood on the dancefloor, an IM appeared. I started a conversation, but had never had such a good conversation. It was concerning just about everything, and I felt myself as I was in the seventh sky. And he felt it the same way, as it went from IM in SL to msn and even to webcam. I have a boyfriend in RL, and he is not too happy with me being on the grid that often. I don't want to stop. I want to continue speaking this "stranger" and meet him once. I am a big girl and know the dangers. But, I have already a relationship with my boyfriend from my 14th birthday on, and now I have doubts of leaving him. I am now 21 and still have a complete life ahead of me, why than staying with one boy whereas there is still so much to explore and to date.;)) SL got me thinking, and has now become a big part of my RL.

We all are having fun on the grid, and we all have certain temptations, but beware, avatars in Second Life doesn't always appear to be what they really are in RL.
How can you even think, after having some kind of relationship in SL, without seeing the other one, leaving your partner in RL and throwing yourself in the unknown?

In the Dutch language we use to say : the grass is always greener on the other side.;)


Zippora Zabelin said...

*giggles* thank god you didn't translate my post. But that was months ago, still very noob and first time falling in love in SL ;-) Now I have my own blog to share my thoughts and worries - LOL.

Looker Lumet said...

oh, so you are not the girl from that last article?;))LOL

Zippora Zabelin said...

Oh, I wish I was: only 21 years old, hmm those were times... ;-)
Btw I've just visited the Secret SL forum, and noticed that there are only a few recent posts. But perhaps that will change after your post here? ;-)
(btw am I wrong, or did you really not add a link to the site?)

Looker Lumet said...

I did not put a link as most of my blog visitors will not be able to read it. But for those who are interested: