Thursday, December 27, 2007

What is happening with my Second Life screen?

Who can tell me what these black belts are doing in my screen? It seems that I can't take snapshots anymore without these two black stripes on my screen.
I noticed it a couple of days ago, and it won't go away. It must have something to do with some settings as only I can see it. I thought at first that only to log in again would solve the problem, but unfortunately it doesn't.
I also tried a different avatar, but I have the same view with that avatar.
This problem is noticed only in the open air, so not in a house or building...strange..isn't it?
Who can tell me what it stands for, how to solve it, how to get rid of them?


Alex Burgess said...

Hey Looker -

Go into "preferences" and back your sky detail off of "high" and see if they disappear. You may have to set sky detail to low... :-(

Mr. Linden broke mah Windlight

Winter said...

Like Alex said.. just a slight notch back will do it. It happens in windlight with some graphic cards

Looker Lumet said...

Thank you Alex and Winter, that was the clue. Hope that Linden find the solution to that bug real soon, because what should we do with Windlight as we can not have the maximum sky options.