Thursday, January 31, 2008

ArtProject 08

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"This event with paintings, sculptures, drawings, photo’s, music, poetry, dance, drama, film, performance, … can be seen as a continuing of the KunstWand project in RL, a happening in Schriek, Belgium that started in 1994 and ended in 2001, it repeated each year performing visual art as well as music, cabaret, music, poetry, telling short stories, filmprojections, …

Between 2001 and 2008 it only existed as a website, with some references to the artists who once participated at the ArtWall(k) project.

Now, February 2008, the project gets a revival in Second Life, starting as a small project created by the group ArtProject08 and with the help of several friends. This event can also grow in SL, and change into a future searching to express life through the digital medium that itself is a digital social environment with his own possibilities of creativity and expression, communication and giving power for a living society."

As this is in fact a project that never ends, there will be continuously new artists who will join the group, and express themselves through their Art on Second life, whether this art is RL or SL related . That is also why there is no limit, why this event can be linked to that other event this weekend, the PQE Festival, as there are no boundaries in Art, certainly when there is a possibility to mix RL Art with SL Art.

From Saturday the 2 nd of February (opening) 3 pm SLT (= 11 pm GMT) until Saturday the 9th of February 2008 3 pm SLT (= 11 pm GMT)
At the opening a full orchestra will be playing "Reptilian Allure", from Benedict Hickson, Ruben Charleville in Second Life.

ArtProjects are to be found on the locations:(slurl will be updated)
Crescent (Lily Joliat)
Lily World, Crescent (63, 106, 49)
Belle Isle (Birdie Newcomb)
Cave (Ilike Fall)


Roodvosje Rosse :
Birdie Newcomb: teen art brought over for an exhibit.

Bekas Takaaki
Bryce Galbraith will be showing some photographs of San Francisco in his shop.
LadyArwen Demina:
Lilly Dilley, photographer from North Carolina
Looker Lumet::,

Art Camming

Dan Yapungku :

Ruben Charleville : ,

AuraKyo Insoo

This list can be updated, as every artist can join the group and exhibit his/her work in this event.

Just to give you a sneak preview, Dan Yapungku posted a video, at the beginning of this year.

"Second Life Greetings"

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