Monday, January 7, 2008

Bootlag, a store with SL Boots.

Second Life Doornroosje's island will be sold. Eaglewolf has brought the island back to his original state, ready for sale. If anyone should be interested in buying the place, please contact EagleWolf Kubrick in IM inworld. Price is negotiable.

In the meanwhile my other Doornroosje's builder friend, Vera Leven, has started her own shop. She made some real nice boots and has recently opened her shop in Capital City (Bootlag, Capital City 114,62,24 (PG))
I do think women will find their choice in what she has been creating. And even for men, there is a pair of boots.;)

In the past she has been making some real nice things. She was helping EagleWolf in the building of Doornroosje, and Eagle's nest, where it is worthwhile to have a look at. I did not know you could make things in Second Life so beautiful, as if it is almost RL.

I'll write about Eagle's Nest later, but he is changing so often his place, and every time it is getting better, that I wait till he has finished. Although I realize he may never be finished.
It all started with a build upon 300 mtrs. Vera and Eagle started some months ago with this, and now, Eagle has recently changed his Irish pub again.

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