Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Cory's predictions for 2008

In a previous post I wrote about Cory Linden, aka Cory Ondrejka, being out the board of Linden Lab as CTO.
Now, he is not really gone, he is still among us, don't even be surprised if you would meet him inworld, and he made some predictions for 2008 on his blog.
The big difference is, that he is not building the virtual future anymore, but we all hope that he will soon, again.

  1. The teams I built at Linden Lab will do amazing things this year (duh!)
  2. Social search engines -- such as Foxmarks, Wikia Search, and others -- will generate initial results that are strong enough for Google to release a Google Social Search Beta to great fanfare and limited use
  3. The breakthrough feature on the '08 iPhone will be video capture, editing, and video blogging more than 3G
  4. In Europe, virtual world content will increasingly fall under country of origin rules, greatly simplifying the European Union regulatory requirements
  5. Games and virtual worlds will once again be vilified in the name of "family values" during the 2008 Presidential election
  6. Despite number 5, games and virtual worlds will be the cornerstone of at least one nation's effort to reform their education system
  7. Despite additional packet tampering and shaping by broadband providers, no effective network neutrality legislation will be passed
  8. Between AIR, Gears, GWT, Silverlight, and Weave, some technology will nail a user experience that smoothly supports both Web and offline usage via a browser
  9. As the actors join the writers, more AAA content will be developed for machinima, virtual worlds, and the web as a way to give audiences fresh material without crossing picket lines
  10. By the end of 2008 I will be building or working on something as challenging and interesting as Second Life
With his knowledge of virtual worlds, it would not surprise me if most of these points will come true, and, I wish for Cory, that point 10 will fall into its place for him.
Thank you Cory, for all you have done for the development of our Second Life, and we wish you all the best!!

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