Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Short notice upgrade for Second Life

It is not my intention of posting notices about upgradings from the grid, but this one could interest all of the European residents, as Linden Lab has planned to do an update of the central servers, which means that we could face some troubles getting into Second life this evening. The update will take place between 10.30 AM and noon SLT.
The second item is that there will be a 5 hour rolling restart commencing from appr. 2.30 PM SLT, but expecting to last a bit longer.
Info from Massively.com and Second Life.

As you know I upgraded my PC up to 2,5 Mb Ram memory, but nevertheless, I keep crashing, even more than before. On Sunday I crashed five times in a row, right after being connected to the grid, so...bye bye notices, IM's. Yesterday, the same thing happened, but only three times. What an improvement!;)
And thanks to my extended RAM memory, I now crash from one second to another, where it used to take quiet some time, before I could try to log in again. W00t!! What an improvement! ;)

But reading the post of Tateru Nino, none of these bugs will be fixed today, ;(((

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi Looker,

possible its your pc to old lol
buy a new pc if you can the upgraded on your pc with 2,5 Mb Ram memory is not helping if you see yu are always crash :))

I hope you understand my english
you know its not so good as my dutch :p

bye bye xxx