Thursday, March 20, 2008

Clear your inventory items at work!

A month ago I posted an article about Ajaxlife, the web based viewer for Second Life. Back then there was the release 01.1, and I promised to keep an eye on it, which I have done.
Katharine now introduces Ajaxlife 0.3.0 with some remarkable new features.
Are you bored at your work, you don't really know how to make yourself useful? Now you can delete items from your inventory, clear your trash, rename items without logging in to Second Life. You can see some screenshots here.
Please don't tell your boss that I told you to clear your Second Life crap from behind your desk.;)
If you still want to check it out, you can do it here.
More and more it seems that this web based viewer can become valuable to some of us, as we sometimes have some moments that we have nothing to do (not me!!) and can use this time to check out and have our inventory up to date, without the need of downloading the Second Life viewer, when your not at home, and don't have Second Life installed on the PC you are working on.

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