Monday, March 31, 2008

The curtain is falling....

As explained in my previous post also, many residents are confused by the latest Terms of Service by LL.
As Tateru Nino wrote in his blog : "....The Terms of Service change in that context gives the impression of being a veiled threat. It's more than that, though -- it commands you to give up your rights to nominative fair use where that use conflicts with Linden Lab's laundry list of legalese. Or else. This pulls the matter right out of the arena of trademark law, and back into contractual law, with enforcement by the governance team...."

To me, it looks quite clear, we all must object to that ToS, although you have probably agreed by signing in after monday, when the new ToS was integrated.

Some organisations already decided not to go on, under the current conditions.
Second Life ballet is one of them. The ballet, which is very well known by now, has been promoting SL since the beginning, is a non-profit organisation, and even had the occasional participation of Linden Labs employees.
The two leading people of the ballet, Espresso and Inarra Saarinen, decided for legal reasons that they cannot agree to the new Terms of Service for Second Life, and so will not log into the virtual world. That means no performances of the Second Life ballet for the moment.
You can read the full article on "Second Life Herald"

Other blogs, as the "Second Life Crew", a Belgian blog, is urgently looking for a new name. Any suggestions are welcome.;)

That is the result when you have lawyers, who are to decide the strategy, instead of marketeers.

"Clearly, the company needs better operational management. Clearly, the company needs experienced, professional management to make it run smoothly on all fronts, tactically and strategically. Clearly the company needs better systems to ensure stability and reliability of the Grid, a better resident experience, and improved development and deployment of server and client software."Arifi Saeed wrote in his latest blogpost, which was written before the trademark affair, and was in fact an article in which way Second Life can move with a new CEO, but is an interesting post to read, especially in these circumstances.;)

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