Tuesday, March 11, 2008

SL Educators have a new resource!

Okay, it might not be the latest news, but interesting enough to mention it here.
There is now a SLED blog for Second Life Educators. It seems that this community has grown over 4.700 members.
The blog, announced on the official blog, will feature and highlight EDU-oriented events, tools, bright ideas, awesome groups and locations, expert opinions, pointers to tutorials and papers, and insider views on life in Teen Second Life.
The Lindens have asked a RL university instructor to edit the blog, so we can expect some high educational information to be posted.
The first article I stumbled upon was about a bright idea, coming out of the new feature of the SL candidate viewer.
Torley made a video tutorial about how to play movies, webpages and more. Watch it here.
Now, you would also have the ability to view multiple images without having to pay for and upload each image. This would give us more capabilities for showing our images, without having to pay 10L$ for every single picture that we need to upload, but with the only exception that you would show them in a presentation, which would be nice and money saving for students, teachers etc. for showing reports or so. You can read it here.
But the good thing is, that we constantly see progress in the development of our precious Second Life

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