Monday, May 19, 2008

More and more...

Well, at least I am trying…to write articles about myself.

This past weekend was one mostly without Second Life®

I visited on Friday the new installed sim of NPIRL, where hundreds of builders had the chance to show their skills to the public. There where some real inventive and original pieces, but at first sight the sim looked a bit complex. It was not very clear, also due to the lag, what to visit first, where to go to, which direction to take. But every piece separate was very nice done.
I took some pictures, but due to the request not to show the pictures or machinima, without mentioning the name of the builder, I can not put them on flickr right now.
Taking pictures and finding the builder’s name with such a lag, is not easy. Maybe I will post some later, after visiting the sim another time.

As I was not so often online lately, I was trying to improve my skills with photoshop. I made an image with different pictures, actions and brushes. I thought it came out nicely, although the the picture of Freggeltje, could be better, but was at the time the best suited for the image. I choose the background of Chouchou, with a picture of clouds pasting over it, copied and rotated it for the the bottom of the image. The moon was made with a brush, even as the birds were.
Then I prepared the picture of Freggeltje and put it in. At the end , after using some brushes, I pasted in overlay a picture of old paper.

Saturday and Sunday were RL days, where I was mostly on or beside a tennis court. It was rather cold to watch the games, but for the players, the temperature was ideal.
I had a changing success in the game, with a win on Saturday, but a loss on Sunday.

Little by little, reading my blog, you will discover something more about the first and second life of Looker Lumet, his interests, his thoughts, his hobbies, and as you can see, it is not all about photography, ;))

Does someone know if there are tennis courts on SL®? Need to find that one out. Maybe I could do a photoshoot while Looker is playing…?;)

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