Thursday, August 7, 2008

Spirit of Scotland


Rannoch comes from the Highlands of Scotland.

His native land has been the inspiration for most of his work and this often reflects in the subject.

It all started one very cold winter while he was stranded by deep snow in his caravan (Trailer) on the side of a Scottish Loch. He was fixing his Motorcycle at the time, so had some tins of spray paint left all over the place. Just decided to brighten the place up with it, and… the end result was what you will see at the exhibition. He discovered he was into painting.

He was stranded for over a week, and had nothing to paint on so the furniture, what wasn’t burned, got it. Most of the Originals of these prints were done on recycled domestic furniture with tins of Graffiti paint, and some Ink.

The rest was done on Roof tiles that were under his caravan. You could say this is his old home on display.

Among his works are Logos and Album covers for the music industry, as well as corporate logos and design boards, and several commissions, but mostly he enjoys painting for his own fun.

He also makes Swords and daggers, again this is all done with things he finds and recycles.

RL exhibitions:

Smith Gallery, (Stirling), part of “Brave Art” exhibition 1997

Trading post, Royal Mile (Edinburgh)

Royal College of Phisicians , Queen Street (Edinburgh) (part exh)

Lethbridge , (Ontario).(part exh)

Now Galeria LX is proud to present his works for the first time at Galeria LX in Portucalis. Galeria LX, Portucalis (111, 81, 22)

Please join us there for a night embedded with the Spirit of Scotland.

We see more and more RL artists coming to the virtual world, and welcome them. It is wonderful to see how we can have exhibitions with RL artworks and SL artworks next to each other. This evening, August 7th, there will also be the opening of the new gallery on Isla de Bahia, Dream Beach. Syl Darcy and Blueberry will exhibit their RL works, and I am proud to say that I will have some of my works there too. Feel free to visit the gallery any time you like.;)


Winter said...

Thank you so much for posting the Opening of our next exhibit Looker. Hope to see you later on.
Kissy kiss

Summer said...

Mmm... when you spoke about the Gallery at Bahia last evening you didn't mention u had some of your works exhibited there. Ok, so I'll have to go back there today :P