Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Dream Beach

Ok, I don’t know if anyone still reads my blog, but I am going to try to write now and than about Looker Lumet, as I remember that was requested by some of my readers.

This blog started as information on what was happening on the grid, and not specifically about me. But, as I don’t have the time to surf around all the blogs anymore, I will inform you what is happening with Looker Lumet, about his activities and discoveries.

As you will probably know, after reading my previous posts, Looker Lumet had a very important gallery opening last weekend. Once a month a new SL artist has the opportunity to have an exhibition at the Avatrait gallery, which is not exactly unknown, as it exists for more than a year now, and also sells SL pictures in RL. In fact, Avatrait will be part of the exhibition in RL, in Florence, Italy, at the end of October, with some pictures of SL artists. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to attend the opening and meet Track Hax, the man behind Avatrait, as I have other obligations in RL.

But, back to the opening last Saturday, Looker can be very happy, looking back at the results. I only hope that this isn’t THE highlight of Looker Lumet’s career in SL, but only a starting point to more success.

The way to achieve that, is trying to make better art, better pictures, and become known by many other avatars, who did not hear about Looker until now.

And this future will all start at Bahia Beach, not only homeland of the “Dreamers” and thus mine too, but also the base of CYD Records and a gallery.

Almost daily, the “Open mic” stage is reserved for performances of SL music artists. For many of those, CYD Records is a welcome support to have their career a push forward.

And Looker Lumet happens to be the official photographer of CYD records…..:)

The gallery is also situated on this sim, right next to the building where I live. SL art, as well as RL art will find their way in this exhibition space. The intention is to have all the best artists in SL featuring on a monthly base. However, this still needs to be worked out. Rome was also not built in one day.;)

The combination of the gallery, the two stages, one at the gallery and one for the open mic, the beach, the different small “islands” makes this sim a beautiful home for dreamers. And that is why it is called: “Dream Beach

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