Friday, September 12, 2008

Virtual nature at its best.

Some days ago I visited a sim called “Hollow Forest”.
Arriving on the spot you get the idea of being in the middle of a swamp, that is why the title of some pictures is called that way. The fog over the water…and with the right “Windlight” settings you really can make an amazing view on that small lake.

This forest can also be the perfect background for elfins or faeries scenes.
It seems that builders are really improving their skills lately, because there are now many nice forest sims, a virtual nature where you get a real good feeling and almost real life experiences. The mushrooms and all the details are made with real passion, I must say.
This is certainly a place to visit, and to discover the beauty of the other world.
More pictures are and will be seen on my flickr stream.


rikomatic said...

Wow, stunning sim. Thanks for the write up.

Alan Gay and Straight said...

I haven't really tried SL since the Spring time, but this looks like it might be interesting.

Looker Lumet said...

Just check it out, you might never want to leave, LOL