Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Press release

Evanston, IL – 11/26/2008 – AVATRAIT Gallery, the leading advocate of the emerging genre of “Digital Impressionist” art from the virtual world of Second Life, after a series of sold-out art showings at its old home on parent company Simuality’s island, is excited to announce the grand opening event at their new dedicated sim,

This is a special showing, reflecting the full range of the Avatrait Gallery artists, something of a live staging of the recent full-color hardcover book release, “AVATRAIT: From Second Life To Florence”, which was produced to commemorate Avatrait’s participation in this fall’s Festival della Creatività event in Florence, Italy, as well as the on-going Rinascimento Virtuale exhibit focusing on the art of virtual worlds.

The new Island feature a brand new, much larger gallery, as well as a Machinima theater, a lecture/classroom pavilion, and artists’ store, all in a dramatic aerial setting. The new sim has been the product of the vision of the Avatrait Board, and the much appreciated hard work of artist/builders Prad Prathivi and Corbett Howard bringing that vision to a virtual reality.

The Avatrait Gallery has long been one of the leading art attractions (and a permanent Arts & Culture “hot spot” venue listing) in Second Life, and the expansion into its own dedicated island will only make it more popular with virtual art lovers. The grand opening festivities kick
off Saturday, November 29th, at 1pm SLT (UTC -8) and will be featuring a top S.L. DJ, and a fireworks show at the new location.

Avatrait is on the web at, the Avatrait Gallery can be found in Second Life at The book “AVATRAIT: From Second Life to Florence” (ISBN 978-1-57353-300-3), a 108-page, 8.25x10.5"-format hardcover book with full-color graphics throughout, is available at


Corbett Howard said...

Once again a wonderful right up Looker :) Thanks for the props :)

Corbett Howard said...

how about I use the correct word..'write' instead of 'right' Its been a long day. *hangs his head in shame.

Looker Lumet said...

hehe, thanks for the comment Corb;)

Anonymous said...

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