Tuesday, January 27, 2009

2nd Rezzday already

On Thursday, January 29th, from 1 till 4 PM SLT, I will celebrate my second rezzday on Second Life.
The location for this party will be at the Dream Beach, Isla de Bahia, home location and stage of CYD Records.

Should there be anyone who did not receive an invitation inworld, please accept my apologies, but people were going on and offline, and I did not remember after some chats, IM's etc. who I did sent the message to and who not.;)

But please consider this blog post as an invitation. Everyone is welcome.

Several artists will perform live on stage, so I hope it will be an enjoyable evening for everyone!;)

See you there!

Friday, January 16, 2009

All good things come to an end.

Things changes all the time, and certainly when you are active in the virtual world.
I started at the end of January, 2007, trying to find a way and trying to make money. Certainly in the early stages it was not so easy. I remember trying to find good places to camp while I was doing some other work. And at that time, camping a rato of 2 Linden$/minute, would not made me rich, but it was a start. I thought, having a couple of hundred L$ would give me some comfort, but I soon realized that comfort isn't for sale for a couple of lindens.
After a few months I got 1000 linden$ from a friend, and that was in fact the real start. Since then my financial troubles were over. It only could increase, which it did.;)
In March or April 2007, a Belgian Friend started with a new sim, and I was able to buy a piece of land. It was my island and I have lived there for one year, but last August, it came unfortunately to an end. The sim was sold, prizes were increasing, so I had to let it go.
On my search for another place, some of my friends made me suggestions, but finally I choose for Dream Beach. I could rent a penthouse on an island where no one else lives, beside my neighbors of course, but that were only 3 other levels in the same building.
Dream Beach on Isla de Bahia, is also the place of CYD Records. They manage some artists in this virtual life, and I am the photographer of the group. This means I had a connection on this island.
Pictures of mine are exhibited in the Gallery, together with the RL paintings of Syl Darcy, and after a while I could make my own little studio on that very same sim.
My penthouse was only used to log in, and read my messages, so I decided yesterday to stop the rent of the penthouse.
All good things come to an end, but this one hasn't finished yet. I will stay on the sim with my small studio and gallery, so in fact, there are no big changes....only that I don't have to pay any rent for that penthouse anymore.
This means another chapter in my short existence of Second Life®,, but not necessarily a bad one.;-)

Monday, January 12, 2009

All about me ;))

On this very day, which is important to me in RL, I wanted to write a new article on my blog.

I know I haven’t been very producible lately, due to several reasons.

First, the combination RL and SL isn’t always easy for me, as it is for most of us, I suppose. Besides the family life, there is of course my professional life, which takes most of the 24 hrs, that are available to me.;)

Secondly, I have agreed to write an article every month in The Role magazine. I hear you saying…that can not take so much time, to write only one article a month. But I can assure you, that I try to do some research before writing something down. I want the content to be interesting for most readers, if possible for every reader. And I am trying to improve in that, every month again, as I think this magazine has the potential to grow to one of the most important magazines inworld.

And then there is of course the Avatrait gallery, which will take us considerable time for having all organized and set in the gallery itself. Now that Stephen has taken some time off, the rest of us in the board will take care of the things he did. And that won’t be easy, as he did a marvelous job in the past. But don’t you worry, he still will be around.;)

Good for me, that I still have to do some photo shoots from time to time for CYD RECORDS, as that gives me also the opportunity to know many performing artists, beside the digital artists who I already have met at several galleries.

And last but not least, I want to create my own “art”, and find the time to do that, as that is where it all began, and what I like doing the most.;)

You see, the time where I only had my pictures and this blog are over, unfortunately. But I have new perspectives and new engagements, which are a lot of fun doing.

I don’t forget my blog friends. I still visit their blogs from time to time, but not as much as I used to though.

I am glad that I have made so many friends inworld, even through my blog, and continue, after almost two years being on the grid, to make new friends and get to know new artists every day again. Thank you!

As I said in the past, this blog will remain my way of communication to you all, so thank you in the first place for still visiting this blog from time to time and keeping yourself informed about Looker Lumet.;))

Friday, January 2, 2009

New edition "Role Magazine"

First of all..a happy New Year and prosperous 2009 to all the readers and their family.

With this first article on my blog in 2009 I want to inform you all, that the new edition of the "Role Magazine" is out.
Again, the team has accomplished an even more interesting magazine for you this time. Of course there are articles about fashion, but also about art, travelling in SL, in and out the inworld house and other stories.
This is only the second edition, but you can see at the website, that there is a whole team working with a lot of professionalism, to make an outstanding magazine in and about the virtual world as we know it.
To read the magazine, you can either choose the following link, but also inworld you can read the magazine, by clicking on one of the many kiosks, which places are to be found on the website, www.role-magazine.com.