Friday, August 28, 2009

Avatrait Gallery on the move

After 3 shows at Kapako, the Avatrait Gallery will move again to another sim.
We were lucky that Mecca Merosi gave us the opportunity to have our shows at her sim, while we were looking for other possibilities.

Finally Coolz0r Courier offered to put the gallery on his sim . Landmarks will be given soon, after our hard work to put the gallery back in his glory.;)

On September 5th, the gallery will be opened with a brand new show of Sebcaen Ulysse's works.

Eventually, for the visitors of the gallery, nothing, or at least not much will change. The gallery stays the same, it is just moved to another sim.

Thank you Mecca, for hosting us these past months, thank you Coolz0r, for giving us this opportunity, and thank you, visitors of the gallery, for your everlasting support.

Flanders' contribution to virtual Art in Second Life

A friend of mine and "almost" neighbour in RL, Dan Yapungku, one of the teachers of the virtual TLE Educational Network, and also teacher in Arts in RL, opened last Wednesday, August 26th, a festival, together with the help and co-organisator AuraKyo Insoo.

Many coming artists have participated in this show, such as Elizabeth Spieler, Penelope Parx, Franchella Milena, Rozamyndi and Ludo Meri, as a result of their workshops in SL.

RL works of Dan, the maestro himself, are also exhibitioned in the Indie Egg Studio.

Another part of the festival is dedicated to the friends of Dan, with the amazing works of Roodvosje Rosse, SaveMe Oh, Bekas Takaaki , yeuxbleux Noel, Carabella Babii, Artistide Despres, Arnold Jung, Petta Hax & Teaseu Xeno, Igor Ballyhoo, AuraKyo Insoo and ...Looker Lumet.

This is one art show you don't want to miss. Follow the link to visit the R.E.N. festival.

CNN iReport has covered the opening too, you can read the report here.

"Second Life (SL) Art Educator, Dan Yapungku, has revolutionized fine arts instruction using SL’s abundant artworks and SL’s infinite 3-D canvases to empower artists. In a stunning show of artworks featuring a dozen of his colleagues and students."

For the Dutch speaking readers of the blog, they can also read an article, which is more detailed than mine on this site, written by Frans Tomsen, CEO of Metapartners.

"Een Festival ter afsluiting van het eerste gedeelte van het KHLim project, met Daniël als begeleider – coach – kunstenaar, waar studenten lerarenopleiding/kunst, experimenteerden en via kunst-workshops, beide realiteiten in- en uitliepen als waren het kamers waarbij de scheidingswand was weggenomen.

Dit alles met de steun van het Regionaal Expertise Netwerk Vlaanderen (R.E.N Vlaanderen), onder de auspiciën van het Vlaams Ministerie van Onderwijs, Vorming en Tewerkstelling."

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

aRa Sheridan at the Avatrait Gallery

Most of the time we see her works in fashion vendors, but now she made some originals for the Avatrait Gallery.

Saturday, August 8th, will be her moment to show her art in the gallery. Never before has a non member been featured at the gallery, but aRa was a logical choice.

In the future there will be more exhibitions of non members, just to give them a chance to be known in the art community as well, as far as that is needed of course. aRa Sheridan is not unknown, but she never had the opportunity to show her works in this environment.

The opening is at 1 PM SLT and the DJ for the evening is Kiki DiVenna.