Monday, September 28, 2009

Rebeca Bashly at the Avatrait Gallery

Next saturday, October the 3rd, Rebeca Bashly will be featured at the Avatrait Gallery. The show will be on for the whole month, but if I were you, I wouldn't miss the opening party for a dime.

Rebeca isn't an Avatrait member, but was a co winner for the May show, where she could exhibit her winning piece. It was at that show that she impressed the Avatrait board and they asked her to do a personal show for the gallery, which she gladly accepted. She made 20 new originals for this show, and I can say that they are really amazing.

I tried to put her soul in the poster. Don't miss this event!!
Dj will be Lucifer Hammerer

Saturday , October, 3rd
1- 4 PM SLT
Smilla 31/191/3501

TOTAL FUSION presents the Singles Mix&Mingle Hunt 2009 (Sponsored by metaLIFE) metaLIFE Website Launch Party

September 25th, 2009 -- Total Fusion -- will be launching the metaLIFE website ( on Sept. 27th, 2009 which will be hosted at Luck Inc. sim by CK Winx & friends in the relocated TuneZ Club belonging to LeChuck Reifsnider. The party starts at 12.00pm slt & the music alone is reason enough to attend, but the $70,000L in cash and designer goodies doesn't sound too bad either. This marks the highly anticipated kick off of Total Fusion's 120+ designer grid-wide Singles Mix&Mingle 2009 Hunt. These red carpet events have a high probability of SLebrity sightings, so don't miss your chance to party with the in-crowd. In true Total Fusion tradition, expect to keep your pimped out pixels in motion with 3 amazing DJ performances & a special guest set by real life superstar MixMaster DJ Nano2Hype [Visit:].

On November 1st, 2009 closing festivities will be held at >>>TOUCH<<< href=""> or contact Robbie Kiama or Pauly Richez in-world.

Total Fusion
MetaMarketing & MetaBranding Services
Eris Alexandre
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Sunday, September 27th
Total Fusion Party @ TuneZ (Luck Inc.)
12pm to 2pm • CK Winx | Germany [Visit:]
02pm to 4pm • Eris Ashdene | USA [Visit: http://totalfusionvip.wordpress. 04pm to 6pm • Nano2Hype Kidd | USA [Visit:]

Sunday November 1st,
Total Fusion Party @ >>>TOUCH<<< href="">
12pm to 2pm • CK Winx | Germany [Visit:]
02pm to 4pm • Eris Ashdene | USA [Visit:]
04pm to 6pm • Analogue Voom | USA

$20,000L from metaLIFE in Shopping Vouchers (Robbie Kiama)
$20,000L from LUCK INC. in Cash (CK Winx)
$20,000L from THE LOFT "The Wisteria" Pre-Fab (Bethany Heart)
$18,000L from AM PRO in Vehicle Vouchers (Abacus Mimistrobell)
$17,500L from APHOTIC GLOOM in Goodies (Rico Plisskin)
$ 9,000L from XR SKINS in Gift Certs (Mystical Demina)
$ 6,000L from !be DESIGNS in Gift Certs (Diamond Shelford)
$ 6,000L from ASD Gift Cert (Alicia Stella)
$ 6,000L from DIESEL WORKS (Rogan Diesel)
$ 6,000L from MALIBU DESIGN in Gift Certs (Chelsea Malibu)
$ 3,500L from URBANITY in Gift Certs (Trixie Wuyts)
$ 3,000L from NAYAR in Gift Certs (Kaz Nayer)
$ 2,000L from VON DUCKY in Skins (Maylee Nishi)
$ 1,200L from MSTYLE in Goodies (Mikee Mokeev)
& More :)


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Are SL Artists becoming scarce?

I was reading an article, actually more a message, yesterday, about Second Life art, and more in particular the art of images. It seems that there are some people who believe the making of art works in Sl is over. People wouldn’t be interested anymore in making images in the virtual world. Instead of that, they look for other challenges as building, scripting, machinima, shops or whatever they think about what would give them more satisfaction than making art images.

My opinion is, that maybe there are less photographers inworld interested to make beautiful pieces, but….to me…it is only a natural change of interest. The “few” that will be left, will be the ones that are motivated to work on images and will try to maintain the quality of their images as high as possible. Others, with maybe more skills and talent, eventually will find their way in building or other activities. It is not always because you have the skills, that you are meant to be an image maker, and perfectly understandable to look for other challenges.

But there are exceptions. People whose life has always been about photography and who want to improve their skills in Photoshop or another post processing program will eventually stick to the pictures enhancements. SL is an ideal platform to take pictures and try out all the tools in your photo program. It is a world that is not comparable, as you can choose which background, which scene, which pose, which angle…etc….what you can not do so easy in RL

I won’t call myself an artist, but since I have registered myself at SL, I have been using the opportunities in the virtual world to enhance my skills in Photoshop. I wasn’t familiar with the program at all at the beginning, and, although I am not posting as much images as in the beginning, I still have fun by surfin’ the net for tutorials or images which I can use to process my pictures. And I see others improving too, and that makes me happy.

We do see a slight change though, and that is that more and more avatars use RL pictures to blend with SL pictures, but as long as the main object is from inworld, I don’t think it would ruin the appreciation of the majority, as being SL images.

I hope I am not alone with my view on this matter, and that we still will have quality SL pictures in flickr and inworld.

Sebcaen Ulysses at the Avatrait Gallery

On saturday September 5th Sebcaen Ulysses will open his exhibition at the Avatrait gallery. Over the past years we could already see on flickr what Seb was able to, but now he made several magnificent pictures, never seen before, not inworld, not anywhere else. The gallery will show originals as well as his best artworks over the past.

Beware of the new location!!!