Friday, May 18, 2007

And the story continues....Once upon a time

It was expected, it was predicted, and they have not let us down.
The builders at Doornroosje all have made special efforts to make this place into a dreamworld for all the members.
They have build a little harbor behind the corner of the castle,
where you can have a look at, sitting on the terrace of a little bar, in front of it.
But, if you want to dance, there is a huge dancefloor, with a special place for a guest DJ.
And if that is not enough, they have build a big stage, where there will be concerts of interesting groups in SL, I assume.
For the more romantic souls among us there is a very quiet, romantic spot, under the rocks, behind the waterfall.
With the pictures, that comes with this story, you will have a preview of what you can find on this small island, but you will have to visit it, to live it.
And you can take my words for it, this is still not the end. More is to come, more is to write, more is to live.
So this story be continued.

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