Sunday, March 21, 2021

Contests in March

 You will probably have found these at other places, but I want to share them anyway:

 Frogmore Photo Contest 2021 

 March 5 - April 12  


Flickr (rules/group): 

prices: 10Kl$ / 5Kl$ /2.5 Kl$

The following are entry and administration rules for our Frogmore 4.0 Photo Contest. Please read all the rules carefully as they have changed from last year.
1. Everyone is eligible to participate; you do not need to be a member of our Inworld Frogmore group, although group membership does have perks and our group is always free to join. All Frogmore group members do have Rezz Rights for any items needed for your photo. Also, all contest announcements are specifically made in our Inworld group first and can sometimes be delayed for announcement here on Flikr.
2. All photo entries must be taken at Frogmore on or after 1st of March, 2021.
3. Each contestant can have a maximum of 2 photos entered for this contest.
4. Photos are encouraged to artistically show the amazing sim design of Frogmore. Although avatars are allowed in the photo, all photos must include some aspect of our sim.
5. Although Frogmore 4.0 has many amazing new aspects and spots for your enjoyment, we have retained some of the previous design that members are so fond of. Your contest entries can include locations from the sim that are either new or previously existing; all parts of Frogmore are open to this competition.
6. Very important NEW this Year: Contest eligibility and any prizes awarded will require that you include Frogmore in your profile picks with a valid Landmark to our sim. No Exceptions.
7. All contest entries must be named correctly to be eligible. The format for naming your entry is as follow: Frogmore 4.0 Photo Contest 2021 Entry 1 (or 2) (name). Example for my entry: Frogmore 4.0 Photo Contest 2021 Entry 1 Tolla Crisp. You must include a valid second life name if your inworld name does not match your Flikr name. If we can not find you Inworld we will not consider you eligible for any prizes. All entries not named correctly will be rejected and we will not chase people around to ask you to please rename your entry. I will personally check the entry portal at least twice each day; if you do not see your photo in our contest group pool within 24 hours of posting you might want to check your photo name format. If you have any questions about the format please contact me directly either here in Flikr or Inworld @TollaCrisp.
8. All photos must be safe. No nudity. Our sim is Moderate and open to the public at all times.
9. As Frogmore is a Moderate sim we do expect that all of contest participants will follow any and all rules included in covenant. Please be sure you read it carefully.
10. Prizes. 1st Pace 10,000L, 2nd Place 5000L. 3rd Place, 2500L.
11. Our contest closes promptly on Monday, 12th of April, 2021.  

Photo Contest Luane's World Spring 2021 March 1st - April 1st

1st Prize: 7500 Linden 2nd Prize: 3500 Linden 3rd Prize: 1500 


1. The picture has to be taken at ground level of any of the 4 sims (Slice of Heaven, Morning Glow, Tabara and Dreamers Retreat)

2. The photo MUST CLEARLY show the sims in a recognizable way and you may submit only one picture.

3. You need to have a Flickr account and post the pic in the Luane's World Flickr group:

Pictures have to be rated SAFE in Flickr to be considered. Make sure your pic can be added to a gallery

4. Your picture has to have the following as the start of the title:

LUANE'S WORLD PHOTO CONTEST Spring 2021 - (and then your title) plus a SLURL to the sim in the description.

5. Porn, obscenery, racism, child play, or violence is not accepted, and those pictures will be disqualified.

6. Only pictures published between March 1st and April 30th will be taken into consideration for the contest.

If any of the above criteria aren't met, the picture will be disqualified.

For rez right join the "Luane's World" group - find the group join link in the greeting message when you enter the sim, or here: secondlife:///app/group/883a26d3-c506-65c7-a759-30eed75f6d26/about

The contest ends on April 30th at midnight SL time.

The winners will be announced within 3 days after the contest ends.



Friday, March 19, 2021

Throughout the years.

 What has happened over the past ten - eleven years? How did we evolve in this second life? Did we quit, took a break, or started in complete new life, what would be the third or fourth life:)

Interesting questions to all the people I used to know, but had no contact with in the past years, although I never quit, but was maybe less active.

In any case, I found out that the pandemic brought some people back into sl, or at least being more active as before. 

I wasn't posting anything anymore on Flickr, but was still doing portrait photography for people who wanted a new profile picture. So my Photoshop "skills" were not in vain after all. But during those past years, I never had an active role, except of being a photographer once in a while, as that has always been my passion.

Since last year, I started to post pictures again on Flickr, but without confidence that this would be a new start for me. Slowly I got to meet new people, but also old acquaintances who came on my path.

In fact you can say that, since last year, my activity was increasing again, on Flickr and inworld.

I was invited to exhibit my work in some galleries, which I had not done since my Avatrait period. This gave me the faith again to continue working on my pictures, and other galleries gave me the opportunity to show my work.

For the past months, I was even the co-curator of a gallery again in Second life, but infortunately the cooperation ended premature.

So, that was my story of the last few years in a nutshell, but enough about me.

In the near future I hope to inform you on this blog about some interesting activities.

Again, I will have to ask you to stay tuned....

To be continued.....

Thursday, March 18, 2021

New adventures in the virtual world.

 After quite some years, I thought it might be a good idea to continue, or refresh this blog again.

Many years have passed, and I am sure, for a lot of you, things have changed too.

After being curator for the Avatrait Gallery, I have put this blog on hold, but new opportunities are coming, and I wanted to see if this would still be interesting to share with you.

Since Covid-19 has been spread all over the world, lots of people are working from home, and thus more time to spend in our virtual world.

Although I am still working at the office every day, and hope to stay safe there, I was thinking of updating this blog, and share with you the latest news of what will be coming up next.

I know this is rather vague, and that is why I ask you to stay tuned.....

To be continued.....

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Some thoughts.....

I have not been writing since a long, long time now, but had suddenly the need to write something after reading Summer’s thoughts. It is not an answer to her article, nor is it a claim of wisdom. It is just what I feel, while being on the grid for more then three years now.

While some people try to compare life with beaches and waves (article of Summer W.), which are coming and going, life is most of all an experience of successive events. Good and bad ones.

Although life seems to be a stacking of negative experiences, these events should be turned into positive experiences which could be used in future events.

In Second Life, events are following each other at high speed, even not realistic in normal RL, and people are emotionally involved, because it is not the avatar who is responding but the person behind the keyboard. It is sometimes very difficult to even process all these happenings, and at the end, people have the tendency to get a moment of depressiveness, where , originally, they started in SL to step out of their RL and have fun in another, virtual, life. Meeting other cultures, other nationalities were the challenges of the new world, but are also increasing the chances of being misunderstood, due to misinterpretations, which can cause frustrations.

These frustrations are the result of trying to communicate in a different language, which, although you can have a great skill, been written with certain proverbs, and not understood properly.

It is the truth that, once something is written, the other person will read it and understand it with his knowledge of the language, which is not always his mother language, and in most cases, even not of the writer either. And there you are…..left with some words, no expression of the face, no gesture language, just words, written in a moment of unknown mood.

The art is, trying to comprehend the other person, not to upset anybody, reacting as a mature person and relativate all events in SL.

Sometimes, the best way to find a solution is on your own, not involving third parties, because other minds, other thoughts can make it all worse instead of better.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Kahlan Bingyi and Adianna Price at the Avatrait Gallery

We are proud to have the amazing art of Kahlan Bingyi and Adianna Price at the Avatrait Gallery. I am glad I could persuade them to make 10 original art pieces for this event.

We are also glad to inform everybody that we have changed the concept of the gallery. Every original art piece can be bought multiple times inworld, at very interesting prices. You will only be able to buy this piece at the Avatrait Gallery. It is exclusively made for the gallery.

By buying a piece of art at the gallery, you support in fact the artist, and give him a sign of appreciation, and that is where they all have been working for: appreciation of their work.
All profits are for the artist only.

You can visit the gallery here.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Avatrait Gallery will have a new show at a new location!!

The Avatrait Gallery has moved several times over the past year to find a good location. Several friends of the gallery have offered their land for a temporary settlement.
The past location was perfect, if it wasn't for the limitation of the visitors. I doubted a long time, because it was only needed for a couple of hours per month, but finally decided to move again.
Naima Rejkus, known from the DBL gallery, has offered her land to be the new home for the Avatrait Gallery. This will not mean that the DBL gallery will disappear, on the contrary.
It will open again in the near future, and a s a neighbour of the Avatrait Gallery.

Naima Rejkus will be the PR manager of the Avatrait Gallery in the future, and, just like the past show, we will have machinima at the gallery. The set up of this machinima event will be done by the Media Techs of the Avatrait Gallery, Veronika Garzo and Bulli Shumann from TEKSTUFF.
In the month of April, there will be no machinima event, because of the change of settings by "youtube", but we will have the nicest videos of SL again in May.

For the April show, the Avatrait Gallery is proud to present five artists.
Ariel Brearly, Mariella Tammas, Djibu Fabre, WhoFliesLikeTheWind Writer, known as "Wind", and Babe Topaz will show each of them four originals, never shown inworld or on any other site.

The Avatrait Management will be glad to welcome you on Saturday, April 10th 2010 at 1PM SLT at the new location.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Other Life at the Avatrait Gallery

On Saturday, March 6th, Ahmad "Don" Hosho will be featuring at the Avatrait Gallery. The concept of this show will be heard through the music of Tasty Hax, especially for this show.
He made 10 original pieces for "The Other Life", a show that will explain his and our other life to you.

For the first time, we will also have a special machinima event, with the contribution of Rysan Fall and Hadji Ling, two talented machinima makers. This set up of machinima was possible with the help of Veronika Garzo from TEKSTUFF, who made some efforts for this show.

These machinima will not only be a visual spectacle, but will have audio too.

Visit the gallery here.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Four Artists, Four Styles at the Avatrait Gallery

After the successful show of Nessy Shepherd in January, the Avatrait Gallery has now invited four artists who make interesting works.
Nevery Lorakeet, Meilo Minotaur, Theoretical Afterthought and J. Blüü have made each four works in their very own style. The combination of these different styles makes this show so special.
After having the gallery on different places for the past year, we hope that we now found a place where we can stay for a long time. It was Tymmerie Thorne and Jerremy Darwin who were so kind to make some space on their sim Ghambt. We could build the whole gallery back again in all his pride, so the work of Prad Prathivi, who built the gallery, and which is a unique building inworld, is still intact.

The gallery will be open on Saturday, February 6th at 1 PM SLT.

Visit the gallery here.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Nessy Shepherd at the Avatrait Gallery

The Avatrait Gallery starts the brand new year with a show of Nessy Shepherd.

She isn't new in Second Life, she doesn't need an introduction.
Looking through her flickrstream you can see she handles a lot of styles. She loves fantasy and classic, but also modern and surreal.

This artist has prepared some post processed images but also pure snapshots from the grid.

Like always we will have a party to celebrate the opening of the show.

Don't miss this event, exceptionally it will start on a Sunday at 1 Pm SLT on a new location.

See you on Sunday,

Looker Lumet
Avatrait Manager

PS. Thanks to Metapartners we could build up the gallery on their sim for this show.