Saturday, May 12, 2007

Drivin' in my car

I was looking for some driving experiences on sl, as I found the sim of Mercedes, where you can have a test drive with a new C-Class. While waiting for my car, a German Mercedes salesman came by, and we had a little chat, as I too, have some experiences in selling Mercedes cars in the past.
What we did not expect to encounter here, were some Italian mobsters who were playing on the test track of Mercedes. So, after having said to play somewhere else, (they did not listen to me of course), I jumped in my car, that had arrived in the meanwhile, and took off.
Easy driving is another thing, but happily there were no other cars on the track. As I was trying to take a turn on the track, suddenly a man, with a very big gun, came to the car and obeyed to step out off it : "FBI" he shouted, "Get out of the car!", pointing his gun towards me.
I was thinking the same thing as before (*piss off*), and tried to get away, but did not succeed.
The car must have been bulletproof, as a rain of bullets were firing from his gun.
Unfortunately he did not ran out of munition, and kept firing, untill I was found on the bottom of the ocean somewhere, and could not move or tp myself to another place.
The only solution was to log out and log in again, and hoping I did not encounter those guys once more.
I can only say, that was some driving experiences at mercedes!

PS. Sorry Bella, it seems that we had the same idea of activity.