Sunday, May 13, 2007

Finally the answer: Why girls prefer girls in SL.

I was reading a blog from another fellow blogger, Loki Popinjay , about "Women in SL"
and was astonished to see what had happened with a girlfriend of his.
Of course this could happen to anyone on the grid, and I am curious to find out what the results will be, after a while, on the voting on
Not only this story attracted my attention, but also the fact and question why so many women in SL seem to start relationships with other women. And wondering this I came to another interesting article, from a female blogger,Tiana Meriman , who explained everything on her blog "Why girls prefer girls in second life".
Now, the reason why she is persuaded why girls choose a girl in sl are :" the 2 most common was the lack of quality man and better slex with a girl and those are my 2 main reasons for choosing a girl over a guy as a partner."
Also interesting was the imaginary chat she would have with a male avatar, and the one she usually has with one guy on the grid.
Reading that, it comes also through my mind that a girlfriend of mine was telling about the number of guys going through IM, the moment she arrives at a place, asking this and that and wanting to know everything about her.
So the only thing that I can conclude from these stories bundled, is that it is very interesting to go through a lot of blogs, and read what others think of SL, with all the avatars and the relations between them.
I am beginning to learn a bit more of how most of the females are thinking on SL about the males, and vice versa.
I am also convinced that we guys have to be very carefull with every pretty lady, as she could be a guy in disguise.
Some of these men (woman) are probably pretending because they would have more succes in what they are doing on sl, then as they would be a guy. Because, let's be honest, it is easier to get some clothes or things, and even the attention of others, being a woman as being a man.
And who can blame them for that?
Ofcourse when it comes to relationships.......where feelings are involved, that is something totally different.


Tiana Meriman said...

it is hard for guys to be in sl, not only do they have very little choices in clothes and other accesories. guys are immediatly judged as staklers or immature kiddies.

so yeah i see why lots of guys play girls since its easier but i personnally respect the males that are making it thru the world of second life and are being respectful.

i think they do get it back by having more woman around them that consider them boyfriend material (which is always a good thing)

Looker Lumet said...

You are probably right by saying that the respectful guys would have more girlfriends, who consider them as boyfriend material. And that is indeed a good thing, I can acknowlledge that.