Thursday, May 31, 2007

I was wondering......about flickr

Since my first log in, I have been trying to learn how exactly to take the best snapshots, and more in particular, how to post process these pictures in photoshop. With some ups and downs in those pictures, I can now say, and I don't think I exaggerate, I have managed to make a certain progress, seen from my first pictures until now. And I am still learning, and enjoy doing it.

My concern is more the flickr site.
As all SL photographers like to have responses on their pictures, because it encourages their work, I get the feeling that it is more depending on how the flickr site is been managed, then how good the pictures are. Of course there are exceptions, and of course there are some photographers who will always have the comments because every picture of them is just great.
I am not pretending to be one of them, but I try to make nice shots, to rework them within the time limits I struggle with, and to post them. And then get the encouragement from your colleagues is just the kick to go through with it.

Now, we all know, that the number of views, are not always the most important thing, but nevertheless it gives sometimes a good impression of the impact of the picture. (unless it is just flesh of course :-))

Well, since my first post, I have seen a certain progress, and since I became a flickr pro, I have also noticed more interests in my pictures. But as from last week, the views dropped enormously. In fact so dramatically, that it can not be, that suddenly my pictures are not that good or interesting anymore. I am the first to admit that not all the pictures can not be a success, but this.(less than 10 views?)

I was wondering who is "suffering" from the same effect, has flickr change something in the settings, does that automatically change, what is the cause of it? Could anybody give some answers.

From former blog posts, we know that the success of the pictures, mostly depends on the timing of the posts, but nevertheless, getting a view rate for every picture of more than 200-300 views, to a difficultly obtain ten views. Strange. Or isn't it? Or are we really that bad........?;))


Bella March said...

Look at the number of posts in the Secondlife groups ... they are also an indicator of activity. There has been an important drop of activity there.
I guess it's due to the summer and nice weather and of course the students have to start studying for their final exams.
All the other reasons you mentioned remain valid : timing, groups you post in, other events that could push viewers to flickr (downtime of SL).
I have also noted some unexplainable differences in viewrates. A simple picture of my upper body attracts hundreds of views, and a very nice picture of me at a particular site doesn't even get 1/10 of the attention. Does the flesh attract more visitors or is it important how good your thumbnail is able to represent the final picture ?
Good question, and maybe you should post this kind of question in one of the SL-flickr groups ...

Looker Lumet said...

Well, Bella, I think we should wait a little bit longer, and see if there are any changes. But I would definitely find out what the reason could be.
Your guess about the students having their exams, could be right. Let us wait and see.