Saturday, May 26, 2007

Links to Second Life Interesting Places

While surfing through a lot of webblogs, I read this article (Dating and Philosophy) with links on Nathalia Zelmanov's blog.
I did not check them all by myself, but know already some of them, and think they are most recommendable.

The most common directory for SLurl links is Second Life Tree , where you are able to find some first life reading material about second life, and where you will find a lot of SLurl's, combined in different categories.

What I also found interesting, but without Slurl links though, was the blog where I discovered that some sports stadia are also to be find on the grid. Although I don't know if games are programmed, I like the way these are built in second life.
Check out the Arena, or Ajax Stadium , or the Yankee Stadium.

When you think that these links are still not sufficient to find the most interesting places in SL, and you know another site where you can find the SLurl of popular places which are worthwile to visit, feel free to drop a comment, so that all readers will be able to locate this site.

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