Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Never too late (old) to learn

It sounds a bit strange, I know, but until now I had nothing to built, so I had other items where I have paid more attention to, then building in SL.
I had already adjusted some things in SL, for instance my glasses, but rezzing a box and doing something with it, that is new to me.
So I found yesterday someone who was most kindly to give my first lesson in this issue, neko babe Vint.
During my class, I had the chance to meet Veyron Supercharge, who is one of the "girls with guns", as I could witness. She demonstrated her fabulous big gun with a very dangerous disk.
It was perhaps a very short lesson, but I did learn a few things, thanks Vint.
Who knows what I will be coming up with next, but don't you worry, I will keep you informed on this blog.;)
Now I have learned how to rez a box, and how to adjust the textures on that box, what is interesting to know, and will be very handy.
Other pictures can be seen on my flickr site.

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vint said...

You're welcome. And if you can do cubes, the other ones are easy! ;) (Remind me to tell you about the prim finder in my skybox.)