Sunday, May 13, 2007

A night in Bruges.

It was already late when I logged in to SL. Once I was on the grid I started to read all notes coming from my memberships, which I have to decrease, because people are talking to me, while I am reading all those messages, and I can't respond in time, so they think I crashed already. You know what I am talking about?
Nevertheless, between those messages, there was one request for tp from my friend Bella March, to ask if I would like to join her in Bruges, one of the most prettiest cities in Belgium. But once arrived at this place, it was not at all the city where I was thinking off. The people even did not talk Dutch. But Bella was there, thus everything was fine.
It was a club with, from time to time nice music, and a cool ambiance.
But actually, I did not had the time to enjoy much of the music, while chatting with Bella, who gave soma extra tips for my new blog. Thanks Bella!
Look at the pictures and you will notice that "The Bushy Beard" is a cool place to be.

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Bella March said...

Hey, that's me ...