Thursday, May 10, 2007

Once upon a time .....

For some of the Belgian visitors of Doornroosje, this is nothing new, but it might be interesting for all the others, as this place is not intend to be only for Belgian visitors, but for all residents of SL.

As from last week, the SLURL has changed, as the sim has moved to a place with more prims.

Here, Eaglewolf Kubrick, and his friends started building a new Doornroosje, where there will be more fun, more things to do, more friendship.

It all started some months ago. There was a place called the Humo Park, where every evening a couple of friends met together, and talked about their experiences on the grid.

Everyone was always ready to help someone else out. And so a relationship between those good friends was started. Once and a while, some new visitors came along, but it was always the same group, and same people who came together and found each other to chat with, and getting to know each other.

One day, I don’t remember the exact date anymore, I , and many others, received an invitation from Eaglewolf , to visit the new place, called Doornroosje.

Eaglewolf Kubrick, Dante Kish, Julio Gaudio, Koeke Stine and Inex Dix were the founders of this place, and that is where it all began……

Doornroosje (Sleeping Beauty) will still have her castle, and will still sleep quietly in her bed, waiting for the right prince to come, but we are all anxious waiting to see what Eagle is intending to do with this new place, as the best has yet to come, I think.

To be continued…..

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vint said...

I've been there too now. Looks nice (although I didn't get further then the terrace). A place where the people are friendly and dogs are welcomed. ;)