Friday, May 11, 2007

W00t! Boy Bloggers on the block... euhm... grid!

Vint falken wrote yesterday on her blog:W00t! Boy Bloggers on the block ... euhm... grid!
"I have good hopes that ‘the new guys’ will be blogging about things we girls actually care for like (clothing) design, cute Neko’s, animations and poses, building good looking stuff (which doesn’t necessarily needs to be jewelry or guns), guns, scripting (it may be about scripting other things then guns), exciting new Sims filled with adrenaline kicks, the escort business, community happenings and welfare, gigs, SLFlickr, … . Shortly put: everything that our Second Lives revolve around."

We now at least know what is expected from this blog. :)
We will keep that in mind, and try to post interesting material for all readers, male as well as female.

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