Saturday, June 9, 2007

The ArenA Soccer Stadium Amsterdam

It was a quiet evening on SL. The friendlist was not working again, so, I stood there, no one to call, no one to visit. It could not be true. I tried already to IM some friends, which succeeded , when suddenly the first of my friends came online, Pieter.
Immediately I contacted him by saying and asking if he was having the same problems.

Enough now about the non working items of the Lindens.
Pieter, he is a journalist for the, told me, that he wanted to do an article about the soccer field of Ajax Amsterdam. I thought it was not a bad idea, to come over to take the pictures, that he could use for his article. And so we did, the results of the pictures are to be seen in my flickr stream, the article will soon appear on (article in Dutch: Mannen en voetbal...) But upon request, I could translate it and put it here on my blog. Let's hear your wishes.

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