Saturday, June 30, 2007

Beware unofficial sources of L$!

We have read the blog of Vint Falken this week, the article of "How (in)secure is your Second Life password?"

Well, today I received inworld a note saying:

"I recently bought a sizable amount of L$ via ebay. The transaction itself was successful with the funds being delivered in-world.

However, I have now been advised that the L$ were paid fraudulently, ie that a stolen credit card or a hijacked account (or both) were used. Therefore the L$ have been reclaimed by LL and I am making a claim through Paypal against the supplier.

At this point I don't know whether the supplier is fraudulent or they've been taken for a ride too.

So now I...

- have just had to do another sizable transfer of L$ (via LindEx this time!) to get back to a positive balance

- have a claim to press against the supplier to recover the cost of the confiscated L$

- have more hassle than I need on a Friday night!

The moral of the story - caveat emptor; buyer beware!

And change your passwords frequently!

--Chorazin Allen"

Could it be, that we are talking about the same thiefs?
So Linden reacts only for having money back, but not to help residents?
It even seems that Linden is off the hook in this case, so it is impossible to trace the thiefs.

I hope that Chorazin Allen will see her money back, but as Pingping, it is very unlikely.

So all beware, we cannot repeat it enough.

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