Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A blog about male's clothing

I have been complaining in the past that there were too many shops on SL for women. Everything you get for free are women’s stuff. Even beautiful free skins. When a man gets something free, it is a t-shirt, jeans pants, or a skin, you would rather not be seen with.

Now after several months being on sl, most of the time in a t-shirt and jeans pants, except when there is a special party going on, ;), like the blogger gathering…., I found a blog especially for men’s wear. Not to believe in fact. I wonder if they have a lot of readers, but it is for sure interesting to surf through this blog to look for some clothing, and follow the link back on the grid.

Men’s Second Style is a blog for and by men, and was started in August 2006. The main goal is to track new releases and give reviews of existing stores and designers.

If , one of you guys, don’t know where to look for something in particular, if you need to attend a wedding, or a business meeting, check this blog out. I am sure you will find something. And you know what you are buying, as the products are already reviewed.

Not that I am the kind of shopper, no, certainly not, in fact I hate it, like most of the guys, but that is why this blog makes it so interesting. Surfing through it, costs a lot less energy, than visiting all the shops in sl, looking for that suit you wanted to wear, looking for that shirt, which you thought you had in your inventory, but appears not to. ;)

In the meanwhile I have received from Bailey Toland another url about guy's stuff, Thank you Bailey. It is really a complementation to the one I was talking about.


Alex Burgess said...

Men's Second Style is indeed a must read!

Raul Crimson said...

i like also SLMen, it has good information and landmarks

Raul Crimson said...

Oops, sorry, i saw you indicated SLMen too :-)

Looker Lumet said...

NP Raul, thanks!