Friday, June 1, 2007

Bruges, the real thing!

This post has nothing to do with the previous post "A night in Bruges".

Yesterday evening I ran into AnnSophie Maertens, who happens to be the “leading” lady and owner of the Belgian sim (BelgiĆ«).

We were talking about the photo contest, and the exposition of all competing pictures. I was told that from this weekend on, all pictures will be shown on the first floor of the Mardes club. The voting will be done on the site of But more news from the contest will be posted later on this blog.

AnnSophie, who has done a pretty good job so far, with the new Belgium sim, proposed to visit the second sim. As I had never heard about a second sim, I was immediately interested to find out what could possibly be a second “BelgiĆ«”.

As soon as we came at that location, she already asked me, if I recognized the place. As there was not much to see at that spot, and as I was not from the region, I assume I let her down a bit, by saying it was not familiar to me.*shame on me*.

I tried though,… Antwerp, ….Ghent, but no, it was Bruges. How was it possible to miss that…..?

She explained to me what the plans are on the sim, and immediately, I could see what a beautiful place this will be in a few months. Together with the company MetaCon, which has realized some amazing buildings in second life already, she will built a complete Belgian “Venice”, as Bruges is happen to be named sometimes.

Real buildings of Bruges are being built as they are in RL. Amazing!

Houses, shops and so much more will be built at this location, all to be sold or to let to Sl residents, within a few months. So if anyone is interested to live or have a shop on the most beautiful location in Second Life, has to wait just a couple of months.

If, among the readers, there are Belgian builders, who are interested to be part of this major project, and want to participate in helping to have this location be noticed by the whole SL world, can contact AnnSophie Maertens or Louis Platini, from MetaCon, in world. Everything will be provided, as textures etc….


Alex Burgess said...

Very cool--it makes me want to visit RL Belgium.

Looker Lumet said...

Alex, you should, it is certainly worthwhile. But wait till it is finished in SL, than you really can see how it looks.

vint said...

A second Amsterdam, but without the escorts? :d

(pg or mature sim?)