Saturday, June 16, 2007

Problem poseballs solved !!

It seems that I have found the cause of my poseball problem, where I have been struggling with for months now.
It appears that when I leave my glasses off, I have no problems with any poseballs what so ever.
I need to investigate it more thoroughly, but I am convinced that this simple solution will help me get over my troubles and frustrations.
It might be interesting for those who are dealing with the same problems. Check the items you are wearing!
This means that, in the future, Looker will have probably no more glasses, but he can at least sit down, without falling through the chair.;))
Thanks Tiana and Dalien for your great help and support!


tiana meriman said...

how very very odd, are those glasses scripted?

Looker Lumet said...

It is odd yes, that is why I never thought about it. Need to investigate it further.
Those glasses are not scripted.

Alex Burgess said...

Hmmmm... maybe you can find textured contact lenses. I'd hate to have you walking around blind just so you can sit properly.

Looker Lumet said...

Haha Alex, that is exactly the same what Dalien told me at the blogmeet.;)
But those glasses were only sunglasses, so you don't have to worry, I can see clearly now (hey, isn't that a song?);)

Dalien said...

Again,congratulations! :) very glad that the poseballs are now doing what they should...