Wednesday, June 27, 2007

SL4B - More Impressions 3

It would be nice to put some figures somewhere of how many avatars visited the place so far at the SL4B sim’s. Although I encountered some lag problems over the last days, I noticed not a lot of visitors while being present at these sims.

Maybe just due to these lag problems? Who will tell?
I am convinced, that even when it is not obvious to simply walk around, it is worthwhile to spend some time looking at the great sculptures and art exhibited during this week.
From my daily contributions, you are able to see that there are some pretty things made.

Beware, according my information, after this week, it will be over. Nothing more to visit. So all of you, get your ass over there, to support all artists, who have been doing their utmost for achieving their goal of submitting the best art they can make.

Just for you. Just to be noticed by other avatars. Just a moment of being in the picture.


tiana meriman said...

i want there 3 times now hehe but yeah i havent seen much peope there, mostly newbies actually.

the lag is terrible though and things take for ever to rez but i think uit was worth the wait ^^

SignpostMarv Martin said...

Iridium tells me that on the opening Saturday, peak concurrency was 47k, and peak attendance to the estate was 350- a record turnout.

Looker Lumet said...

waw, that is impressive. Thanks for sharing these figures, Signpostmarv.

Alex Burgess said...

Great pics, Looker! I've been generally impressed with the exhibition.

Some of the clueless people from Lenovo and Forbes magazine should check it out and spend a little time there; they might start to get an idea of what SL is all about. Of course, that would require them actually spending a little time inworld before passing judgement.

Veronique Kaminski said...

impressive figures indeed..
but me too, I was there yesterday @ +/-7PM european time.. usually a busy hour (people back from school / work etc..),

there was a lot of lag, slow rezzing, difficult to move around..

but, on the other hand, allmost no green dots on my "radar"...

is somebody running a big cloacking device as an art installation?

Looker Lumet said...

@Alex,thanks, and I cannot repeat it enough, what they all can do in SL for structures and buildings. Simply WAW.
Yes, Veronique, that came across my mind too, when reading these figures.
And I did not meet anyone who can actually say that the sim's were too crowded to log in. And usually this happens when there are too many avatars. Even at the PL, ;)